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Are you searching for a convenient online alternative to traditional counseling sessions, but with the same personal touch and high customer service as in person? Do you want to reach out for help but just don’t have the time or space for counseling in your life?

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Is Online Therapy or Virtual Counseling Right for You?

Perhaps you’re too overwhelmed with anxiety, stress, and daily preoccupations to even think of navigating traffic to visit a therapist’s office. Or maybe a physical limitation, health concern, medical condition, chronic illness, chronic pain, transportation, or mental health issue makes leaving the house a complex challenge.

If this sounds familiar, you may be the perfect candidate for our phone or video-based online counseling services with our highly trained, licensed, and specialized therapists.

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Phone or Video-based online counseling services

A Safe Place For Ongoing Support

Online counseling can be a comforting reprieve and a safe source of ongoing support.

Rather than navigating traffic, you can meet with an online therapist from any private, comfortable location through a secure and confidential video connection.

Online therapy is available with any of our counselors for a range of counseling services.

Your therapy appointment works similarly to in-person sessions. You'll first be matched with a best-fit therapist. At your appointment time, you'll receive a secure link to connect with your therapist through video. Your video link is private and meets the highest standards of encryption for security purposes.

You'll need access to a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device as well as a quiet, private space for your appointment. Click on your video link and you're connected directly to your online therapist!

Give us a call at 832-559-2622 and our caring staff can help match you with the best-fit online counselor for your unique needs.

Learn more about how we can match you with the best fit therapist. 

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Telehealth Makes Mental Health Services Accessible

If you are looking for help dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, eating disorders, trauma, child, parenting & family concerns, career issues, working with a therapist online through video therapy can help.

Or perhaps you just need some additional support in your life. During times of stress and anxiety, loneliness and isolation or uncertainty, having a regular support system in place is critical.

Maintaining your mental health during times of stress is just as important as caring for your physical health and can help you maintain a strong immune system.

Learn more about the unique specialties our therapists offer. 

Feedback About
Online Therapy Sessions

Feels The Same As Meeting In Person.

Virtual Teen DBT Group

My daughter is doing really well and looks forward to the (online) counseling meetings. The online therapy sessions feel the same as meeting in person.

It Was Very Helpful

Virtual Individual Counseling

Online therapy is going very well. Diana is a great listener, receptive, and even though the sessions are online, she was able to perceive my level of anxiety and help me center myself, be present with my feelings, and let those feelings go. It was very helpful.

Enjoying The Online Counseling Sessions

Virtual Teen Counseling

My daughter is enjoying the online counseling sessions very much and feels like time goes by faster.

I Am Getting The Help I Need

Virtual Individual Counseling

I am happy with online therapy. I would have thought the video session wouldn’t create a great connection, but online sessions have not affected that in any way. My sessions are going very well, and I am getting the help I need.

More Motivated To Attend My Online Counseling Sessions

Virtual Trauma Therapy

Considering I work from home and constantly connect with people virtually, you’d think I wouldn’t be surprised at how well my video session went, but…I was. I found the connection with my therapist to be just as intimate, maybe even more-so, as my in-person sessions.

It’s convenient, while still giving me the outlet and processing room I need. We have been able to work on the same things (even EMDR for my PTSD) virtually as we were working on in our in-person meetings. I’m actually more motivated to attend my online counseling sessions now.

Feel Even More Relaxed

Virtual Depression Therapy

Virtual therapy has allowed me to feel even more relaxed and have a more flexible time and location. I also feel it’s more discrete.

Feel Like You Can Open Up More

Virtual Couples Counseling

We have done both in-person and video sessions and have found video sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions. Sometimes we feel video sessions can be better, because you are in the comfort of your own home and feel like you can open up more

Help Me To Remain Proactive

Virtual Counseling

Suzanne was able to get around the fact that I was not in person and give me homework assignments to help me to remain proactive despite not being able to meet in person.

I Feel Therapy Is Just As Effective

Virtual Couples Counseling

I thought the virtual counseling aspect might hinder our relationship with the therapist and our ability to build intimacy, but it hasn’t. I feel therapy is just as effective and far more convenient, especially considering that Houston traffic is horrible and we live across town.

The Video Sessions, I Feel, Are Quite Helpfu

Virtual Trauma Therapy

The video sessions, I feel, are quite helpful in making me feel comfortable. I can be in a different location that is familiar to me, which makes it easier to open up and share.

Pre-Teen Comfortable in Home Environment

Child Counseling

The online sessions are going very well. We like that our therapist is watching us interact and providing therapy in our son’s environment. We think online therapy is actually better because our son is at home and in his environment, and his therapist can better see what’s going on.

Spot On Tools

Pre-Teen Therapy

She is able to give on the spot tools on what we can do to support him. For example, on our last session towards the end, my son presented with behavior that would normally only happen at home with us.

Can See Home Behavior

Child Therapy

She was able to see the behavior as it happened. She was able to walk me through it and tell me how to best manage the situation. It was great! I wouldn’t have had this help if we would have been in the office.

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Online Therapy FAQ’s

Many individuals who could benefit from counseling online simply don’t know enough about the process to feel comfortable with initiating sessions. Therefore, we’ve put together a few frequently asked questions that may help shed some light on how virtual therapy works.

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More Online Counseling FAQ's

  • Like EMDR, brainspotting, another trauma and PTSD counseling technique, can be effectively conducted online.
  • We also offer online couples counseling in addition to our individual online sessions.
  • Couples can also participate in online relationship counseling for relationship issues, or parenting concerns.
  • With couples counseling, it’s important initially to meet on a regular basis to heal negative patterns of communication and build new skills, rather than use counseling as an emergency resource.
  • Couple or marriage counseling often gets stalled due to the challenge of matching up schedules for in person visits. When this happens, it is difficult to make the changes suggested by marriage and family therapists needed to get unstuck from negative cycles and learn new coping skills.
  • The benefits of online couples therapy include having greater flexibility to attend sessions without having to worry about driving in Houston traffic or finding childcare to attend therapy sessions. This allows you and your partner to make effective and necessary changes to break negative cycles.
  • Web therapy for couples is very similar to face to face or traditional counseling. It’s conducted via video, even if one partner is out of town. This makes it much more convenient to participate in regular live sessions.
  • Ideally, you and your partner can be together online, but it’s also OK if you are both at different locations. However, we do prefer that you both have access to a video camera, whether through your phone or webcam so you can see your partner and your family therapist on screen.
  • Members of the LGBTQ+ community are more than welcome to participate in online marriage or couples counseling as we are an affirming practice.
  • Yes - We have several effective types of therapy for working with children, pre-teens and teens with behavioral health or mental health issues, even young children under the age of 10 through web therapy.
  • Pre-teens and teens will be in their comfort zone. This built-in comfort factor helps the counselor, too. They get to see their client in a more natural setting and help your child find tools at home that help with emotional issues. 
  • For young children, we typically meet with the parent first in a live video chat session. In subsequent online child therapy sessions the therapist may guide the parent through effective interactions with their child through parent-child play therapy.
  • This helps parents learn how to effectively guide and interact with their child at home. Prior to the session, the therapist may discuss specific toys to have available at home during the video session.

5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Child's Teletherapy Sessions

1. Smooth Out Tech Issues

Both you and your child should get very familiar with the specific tech requirements. Obviously, you want very much to avoid glitches or interruptions during a session.

2. Talk to Your Child About the Process

Be available to answer questions, soothe concerns, and reduce any possible stigma.

3. Location, Distractions, etc.

Work with your child to choose the best possible location for the sessions. Factors to consider:

  • Likelihood of distraction
  • Noise levels
  • Lighting
  • Physical comfort
  • Ergonomic positioning

Along those lines, make sure both you and your child have turned off all notifications — at least during the sessions.

4. Create Flexibility With Frequency and Duration

Depending on their age and/or condition, some children may be well-suited for a weekly one-hour session. 

5. Do You Join In or Not?

This is very much a case-by-case situation. For children under the age of 10, in general, it makes sense for a parent to participate in the sessions. It can turn what feels like a “doctor’s appointment” into a bonding time for parent and child. Of course, there will be circumstances when the client and counselor may need to talk alone, one-on-one. The key is that the parent stays very much involved yet very much flexible.

When dealing with pre-teens and teens, they will need their space and privacy. Invest in a white noise machine (or app). Even better, accommodate your teen by getting other family members to leave the house for the duration of their session. That said, the situation is not black-and-white. Either your child or the teletherapist (or both) may ask for another family member to participate or schedule a separate parent session with the therapist. 

  • Web therapy can be very effective for teens like traditional therapy. And with the typical busy schedule, live chat sessions can ensure your teen gets the consistent help from a professional counselor that they need to make progress towards their treatment goals.
  • Adolescents and young adults may feel freer to express themselves to a licensed therapist in the comfort of their homes. They tend to enjoy working online with their counselor in this therapy platform with video chatting sessions because it’s such a familiar communication method for them.
  • Their family therapist will get to see them in their everyday environment, providing a layer of perspective they would not otherwise have. The therapists are licensed to help teens identify specific items in their environment that can be incorporated into coping strategies.
  • For teens and older children, having access to art supplies at home can be helpful. Additionally, teens might find support through virtual teen skills groups.
  • Teens might also benefit from talking therapy because it allows them to get “unstuck”.
  • Research has found the online group therapy platforms “fosters well-being, a sense of control, self-confidence, feelings of more independence, social interactions, and personal empowerment.” All of which is much needed in developing coping skills and handling specific conditions of stress anxiety.
  • Further, an analysis of multiple different studies found that online therapy groups consistently produced positive results with a diverse range of mental health concerns. We find online group therapy works best when everyone is connected through video live chat sessions.
  • Career counseling and testing is also available through online career guidance counseling. Your appointment can be held via phone or video, depending on your preference.
  • You may prefer to use video so you or your career counselor can share career documents and resources with you on the video call such as a resume or career testing results.
  • You will also receive a copy of your career testing results in your email prior to your appointment. Your licensed counselor will review the results with you in your appointment.

It’s really quite easy to access internet based therapy. You only need three things:

  1. a PC, laptop, phone, or tablet with a microphone and camera/webcam;
  2. a stable and reliable internet connection (please use Wi-Fi to prevent signal drop); and
  3. a quiet place where you can talk freely.
  • We will send you a unique, confidential link to access your video session with your licensed therapist one hour prior to your appointment time. Other than that, you just need a desire for personal growth and a willingness to move forward.
  • As with traditional counseling, you will set up an appointment time with your therapist. At the scheduled appointment time your therapist will reach you by the agreed-upon method.
  • Appointments are usually scheduled in 45-minute increments. But you are welcome to discuss your needs with your therapist for shorter or longer session lengths.
  • It’s understandable to be concerned about privacy and confidentiality. Especially in the event you are scheduling a session when you are in the same vicinity as others.

Here are some strategies to keep your session private:

  • Use a headset. Rather than using your phone or computer’s speakers, connect a headset via bluetooth to your phone or computer (or just plug it in). This will keep the sound in your ears only.
  • Use whitenoise to add soundproofing in your area. Put the whitenoise outside of the room you will be in for your session.
  • You can use a whitenoise app if you don’t have a machine. You can ask an amazon alexa or google home device to “play white noise”. Or you can play soft music in the room nearest to you. A baby whitenoise machine works great too! Just put it right outside your door to muffle the sound.
  • Go outside or in your car. If you are in small quarters, you may want to step outside on a patio, in a park, or even find a quiet space in your car. And getting outside is great for your mental health too!
  • We want to assure you that all of our video sessions are held to the highest possible level of confidentiality.
  • Once you schedule your appointment, you will be sent a link. This link will take you to your assigned therapist over a protected connection to our secure internet based therapy platform.
  • We use an encrypted, secure, HIPAA compliant link that represents the highest standard of protection in the healthcare field. You are the only person who knows you are speaking with a licensed therapist.
  • We recommend you ensure that you have a private space available when you connect with your therapist online. This way you can protect yourself from being overheard and feel comfortable during your therapy chat session.
  • For this reason, please avoid using public places such as coffee shops for your video counseling session. If you have others in your home, you might want to play music nearby for soundproofing.
  • Do walk and talk phone therapy. You can use your phone, get outside and go for a walk or at least be in nature. By doing a chatting session on the phone with a headset, you can free yourself up to move your body. Or at least get outside and stretch.
  • Movement helps you to get unstuck and it releases feel-good hormones in your body.
  • A benefit of online therapy is combining physical movement with emotional processing facilitates openness, creativity, and those wonderful ‘aha’ moments. Have you ever taken a walk and suddenly found your head clear? Or perhaps even come up with an idea or a solution to a problem you had been stewing over?
  • For some people doing walk and talk therapy instead of sitting can facilitate greater progress in therapy. Walking phone therapy supports healthy coping outlets for anxiety, trauma, and depression.
  • For ADHD coaching, it is actually preferred to be able to stand up, and move your body to release excess energy and clear your mind. This helps with executive functioning skills such as focus while also facilitating relaxation.

Telehealth FAQ's

  • Distance counseling has been around for a number of years, so it’s not exactly a new development. However, professionals in the medical field are relying on telehealth, video-based, online conferencing, to supplement their clients’ well-being more than ever.
  • Whether doctors, psychiatrists, licensed psychologists, or psychotherapists, all health professionals are finding that telehealth online services can help individuals in ways that traditional in-person visits cannot.
  • Our practice has been working with clients online since 2005. We have extensive knowledge and experience in virtual therapy. We also stay up to date on the most recent trends, research, and advances in the online counseling and therapy field through professional organizations such as the Telebehavioral Health Institute.
  • Our therapists have been trained specifically in distance therapy and some are certified as Distance Credentialed Counselor. We also stay current within our profession through associations such as the American Psychological Association or the American Counseling Association.
  • Yes. Just as in traditional therapy, our online therapy providers are all required to be licensed mental health professionals in the state they are serving.
  • Our therapists are licensed psychologists, licensed professional counselors and licensed clinical social workers.
  • Their license authorizes them to provide therapy methods in the state they are licensed.
  • While they may also work as life coaches or career counselors, you can rest assured that our licensed therapists have completed the rigorous training methods to work as a qualified mental health professional.
  • Yes, therapy services are provided by licensed mental health professionals. We only conduct legitimate online therapy sessions similar to in person therapy, which qualifies as a medical expense.
  • You may use your FSA or HSA card for all therapy services provided by Eddins Counseling Group.
  • Unfortunately, our therapy providers do not conduct therapy online via texting therapy, text message, video chatting, or chat sessions because we feel that it’s not as effective as web therapy with live video.


  • Online counseling is not the same as face-to-face psychotherapy and is not an appropriate treatment for all client’s mental health concerns. There are pros and cons to both methods.
  • Online therapy is not an appropriate form of counseling if your presenting issue is an emergency.

    • If you are having suicidal or homicidal thoughts distance therapy is not a good fit.
    • Furthermore, if you are in a crisis, having suicidal thoughts, or if you are in imminent danger or a life-threatening emergency, we implore you to call 911 for immediate help or go directly to the nearest emergency treatment center.
    • You can find emergency resources here if you need to speak to someone immediately.
    • Traditional therapy would be a better fit to ensure your safety and provide more effective treatment.
    • We will conduct a screening prior to engaging in therapy via online counseling to make sure it is a good fit for you. If it is determined that you would be better served via face-to-face methods, we will assist you with locating an appropriate referral.
    1. Make sure the desktop/laptop you are using has a built-in camera or webcam. (This is the same as what you would normally use for facetime or similar service).
    2. If you are using a phone or tablet, you will be prompted to download the JANE app to your mobile device. You will receive a link in your email. Go ahead and download the app from your email link so you are ready at the time of your appointment.
    3. You will receive a link to access your session through video in your appointment reminder email one hour prior to your appointment time. Just click on the link and you will be connected to your therapist!
    4. If you prefer to meet via phone, let our admin team know at the time of scheduling. Or let your therapist know the best number to reach you.
    • While we offer standard, in-person sessions with highly-trained and qualified professionals at our counseling center in Houston, TX, we also bring that same level of quality and specialist expertise to our online clients. And if you’re local to Houston, you always have the option of scheduling an in-person session from time to time as well.
    • Eddins Counseling Group offers online therapy services to residents of Texas, including Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, Lubbock, Corpus Christi and more.
    • We also have therapists licensed in multiple other states including Florida, Illinois, Washington, New Jersey, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Arizona, and other locations upon request. Contact our Client Care team at 832-323-2726 or by scheduling a free consult to find out if we can serve your area.
    • If you would like to know more about our services or to set up an appointment for your first video therapy session, please call 832-323-2726 or schedule a free initial consultation.
    • Our warm and compassionate staff would be pleased to address any additional questions or concerns you may have.
    • When you call we can help you find a therapist who is the best fit for your unique needs and concerns. We look forward to helping you!

    If you are ready to schedule an appointment, you can learn more about our mental health counselors here.