Reconnecting to Our Authentic Selves

Authentic SelfDo you ever feel like you’ve lost touch with the “real” you? Do you find yourself feeling drained after having to put up a facade for hours on end each day? Ever catch yourself taking stock of your life and wondering, “How did I get here? Who is this person I’ve become?” If you don’t allow your true self to flourish, this world will miss out on your uniqueness, and that thought saddens me. After all, there is only one you!


Your true, authentic self can be likened to a beautiful piece of crystal tucked away in the far back corner of a cabinet, covered in dust. When it’s stored so far back behind other items, we might forget we even have that piece of crystal. Then, when it’s taken out, the light won’t be able to shine through it because it’s caked in thick dust. Keep in mind: the piece is still beautiful at heart – nothing has changed the fundamental essence of the piece – but outside factors have left the crystal dirty, dull, and unappreciated.


Here are some tips for dusting off that grime and re-connecting with the real you written by Casey Radle:


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Working with a therapist can help you explore your needs, wants, desires, dreams, and innermost self to find the real you. Connecting with your true self decreases negative emotions, increases confidence and gives you the tools you need to pursue your goals and create meaning and joy in your life. When we are disconnected from our selves we lose our “inner compass” and lose our way through life. This can lead to symptoms such as addiction, compulsive behavior, anxiety, depression, etc. Contact a therapist and start reclaiming the real you.

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