Resilient Parenting Support Group

You’ve been a parent for a while, but it’s never felt this hard. Your kids seem like strangers, and the gap between you feels like it could swallow you whole. Frustration is a long-standing companion, and you don’t know how to fix it.

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You can’t put your finger on the start, but at some point, things started to change. This person that you understood so well, that you could read like a book, that you had this deep, unyielding connection to, has been pulling away

Things feel distant and painful and just plain weird. Words that used to resonate used to have an impact, push them away. You try to pull them in, try to reconnect, but it never works. It always lands wrong. 

It’s to the point where nothing you do seems right. 

But right now, you live with constant feelings of

  • Anxiety about the well-being of your child
  • Worry that you are losing them
  • Frustration with yourself and your child
  • Painful disconnect from a person you were once so close to

You’re not alone.

You are afraid. You’ve seen parents lose their relationships with their children over less, and you do not want that to happen. 

And you think it’s ALL you, but we are here to tell you that it’s now. There is a way forward.

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No matter what struggles you and your family are facing, support is here. Join a collaborative environment with like minded parents who are facing similar challenges at home. 

You can expect: 

  • Learn better, more effective ways to interact with your children that resonate
  • Reduce your fear surrounding your child and their well-being
  • Develop new outlets for the concern and worry
  • Cultivate more compassion for your experience and the experience of your child
  • Join like-minded parents on their journey and be reminded that you are not alone

Members of this group will be given the tools to create a new family culture. You will redesign your parenting framework and enable lasting, positive change in your home. 

You deserve that.

About The Facilitator

therapist Suzanne Kamfar

Suzanne Kamfar

Suzanne (Susan) is bilingual (English & Farsi). Her focus is on helping you navigate through life with balance, harmony, and authenticity. She works with anxiety, self-esteem issues, women’s issues, high functioning professional burnout, and interpersonal relationship issues with couples and individuals.

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This group will meet bi-weekly for 90 minutes. Date/Time TBD

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$75 per session

Billed monthly at $150

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Hybrid Group: Virtual or In-Office at our Heights Office 

5225 Katy Freeway, Suite 103
Houston, TX 77007

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A note from the facilitator

"As a parent of two beautiful children – ages 23 and 17 – I know firsthand how difficult parenting can be. With my own journey in parenting, combined with a medical background and career as a seasoned therapist, I help parents explore possibilities of redesigning the way they view parenting in order to reduce anxiety, stress and challenges of parenting in our time." ~Suzanne K.

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Want To Learn More About

The Resilient Parenting Support Group


Schedule a free call with our Client Care Coordinator for more information or to register.

Be sure to register soon as space is limited.

Our first session is tentatively scheduled for September 19th, 2022.

Learn, connect and find calm and peace in their parenting journey as you join with fellow parents who understand.

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