Therapy, Support Groups, Workshops and Community Presentations In Houston

We offer a variety of therapy, career coaching and support groups in Houston, Texas. Groups are a way to learn new skills and lessen the sense of isolation as you support others with similar experiences as your own.

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Learn about yourself from one another

As you hear others share their experiences and explore new possibilities, it can trigger your own ah-ha! Many participants find that the group experience facilitates deeper growth by learning and connecting with others.

Therapy and support groups are held face to face and coaching groups are held via phone. If you don’t see a group listed here that meets your needs, please check with us, we may be able to offer the group. Most groups start on a particular date, click on the links below to find out more. Support groups tend to be ongoing and participants can start at any time.

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All Groups are Held Through Video

We will send you a link to join – all you need to do is click the link at the time of your session!

We also offer a free monthly webinar/workshop on a mental health topic to bring you a variety of mental health skills. Learn more about our upcoming “Focus on Wellness” talks here. 

We are also available to present on emotional, self-help or career topics for your group or organization. Contact us to inquire about availability.

Therapy & Support Groups

Our Core Values:

  • Empathy - 
    We care.
  • Authenticity -
    We show up. We celebrate diversity. We embrace who we are.
  • Growth -
    We empower ourselves and others to build resilience, grow and heal.
  • Impact -
    We make a difference.
  • Community with Autonomy -
    We value independence while belonging to a supporting team.
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