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Located in the heart of Sugar Land, Texas. Eddins Counseling Group has Sugar Land therapists who are offering adult & teen counseling, couple & marriage counseling, and family therapy.

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Our therapists offer a range of specialized counseling services. Including:

Eddins Counseling Group – the counseling office is easily accessible off I-69/US 59, Highway 6, and US Route 90 (Alt)


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Eddins Counseling Group offers a convenient Sugar Land office that's centrally located to help serve clients throughout eastern Fort Bend County. Just 20 miles from Houston, Sugar Land, Texas, offers its residents sophisticated master-planned communities, outstanding schools, and stunning public art displays. We're proud to be a part of this vibrant community and serve the needs of its residents.

Though Sugar Land offers a picturesque homescape, this can't eliminate the challenges of modern life. If you're struggling with anxiety, eating disorders, addiction, relationship difficulties, family communication, grief, or another mental, social, and emotional concern, you're not alone. Our team is equipped to help you manage these and other problems with therapies that target your needs holistically to help you recover, grow, and thrive.

Therapy and Counseling Services in Sugar Land, Texas

Our Sugar Land office offers comprehensive counseling and therapy services to help you navigate life's unique challenges and triumph over adversity. We help our clients develop mindful coping techniques that equip them with greater courage, confidence, and ease in everyday life. Our counseling focuses on treating the whole person rather than just the singular issue to uncover and allow you to nourish your best self. We offer a full range of specialized counseling services, including the following:

Individual Counseling

Our individual counseling services in Sugar Land can address a full range of concerns, from work stress to postpartum challenges to generalized anxiety disorder. We have a complete kit of therapy tools to help our clients manage their individual concerns. That includes treatment options such as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, and solution-focused therapy. We support our patients through addiction, grief, life transitions, and more.

family-counseling-in-sugar-land-txFamily Therapy in Sugar Land

Your family can become your greatest support system, but it can also be a source of pain and conflict when you're facing unresolved issues or barriers to communication. We can help Sugar Land families build stronger connections and work through challenges such as divorce, losing a loved one, teen rebellion, addiction, and more. We offer family counseling services for clients of any age, including child, teen, and marriage counseling. We can address the entire family's needs separately and together to help you achieve a sense of unity and peace in the home.

Marriage and Couples Counseling

A strong and supportive partnership can do wonders for your mental health. At the same time, marriage and relationship difficulties can impact nearly every part of your daily life. Our marriage and couples counseling can help you improve your interpersonal communication, restore intimacy, and build stronger connections. We also offer parenting skills coaching to help couples with children manage their families more effectively. In cases where the best option is the dissolution of the relationship, we offer mediation services and divorce counseling to help you navigate the distinct challenges of separating from a spouse or partner.

Teen Counseling in Sugar Land

Navigating the complexities of one’s teenage years can be difficult in the best of circumstances. We offer supportive counseling that helps teens build powerful coping skills that will serve them through their adult lives. We can help teenage clients navigate challenging relationships at home or school, cope with trauma, build self-esteem, and handle difficult emotions. We also offer specialized services to help teens with issues like eating disorders, insomnia, and stress management.

Group Therapy

The support of a group can be a powerful solution to common problems. We offer various options, including dialectical behavior therapy skills groups, trauma and grief groups, parenting support groups, and eating disorder therapy groups. We also provide age-specific groups with options such as teen therapy and middle school therapy to help individuals navigate the unique challenges of these life phases.

Visit Our Convenient Sugar Land, Texas, Office

Our Sugar Land office is conveniently located in the heart of the city. You'll find us off Dairy Ashford Road, one block west of US 59/I-69 and one block north of US 90. We have ample parking in front of our office to make your appointments as convenient as possible. Sugar Land Town Square is less than 3 miles away, so you can go shopping after dropping teens or children off for private appointments or take your partner out to dinner at a location such as Perry's Steakhouse or The Rouxpour after your couples counseling session.

Online Services for Sugar Land, Texas, Clients

If you prefer to access counseling services from the comfort of your home, we offer online therapy and web-based tools to help support your mental health. Sugar Land clients can select a therapist and book an online appointment quickly and easily through our website. You'll meet with your therapist via a video call through a secure, private link. All sessions are encrypted for the utmost privacy and protection. You can also access self-tests, free webinars, virtual support groups, and self-help guides online.

Meet Our Sugar Land, Texas, Therapists

We have more than half a dozen highly trained therapists available to serve your needs from our Sugar Land, Texas, location. Each professional has their specialty, from helping women navigate the challenges of motherhood to guiding professionals through the complexities of career changes. We'll pair you with a counselor who's uniquely suited to help address your needs. Meet our Sugar Land therapists below.

What Our Clients Say About Eddins Counseling in Sugar Land

We believe in open communication. Our team at Eddins Counseling in Sugar Land, Texas, thrives on honest feedback. We deeply appreciate everyone who has taken the time to share their experiences with us. Learn more about what our clients have to say about their time with Eddins Counseling below.

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We look forward to working with you on your counseling journey. You can get started now by calling 832-559-2622, or you can use our online therapist finder to locate a professional who resonates with you. We offer bookings both online and by phone. We hope to see you soon.

Sugar Land Address

12930 Dairy Ashford Rd, Suite 103, Sugar Land, Texas 77478

To The Counseling Center

Our Sugar Land therapists are located in the heart of the city. Right off Dairy Ashford Rd, one block west of US 59/I-69 and one block north of US 90 with easy access and ample surface parking directly in front. We are the first suite on the front row at the far right end of the office complex. Less than three miles from Sugar Land Town square.

Our Office Location

Illustration of an aerial view of our office location and how to locate our Sugar Land therapists. Making it easy for you to find "counseling near me". At this office, we have trauma therapists and more. Plus we offer LGBTQ+ relationship counseling in Sugar Land, TX. Call today to learn more!

Virtual  Sugar Land Office Tours

  Collage of 4 images showing what it looks like inside Eddins counseling office in Sugar Land, TX. If you are trying to find a "therapist near me" we can help. We offer a range of options including LGBTQ couples therapy. Reach out now to speak with a Sugar Land therapist. Sugar Land therapist offices  

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image of Brittnie Grono

Brittnie Grono

Brittnie’s aim is to provide guidance, support, and a safe space that encourages growth and healing.

image of Diana Cabrera-Stewart

Diana Cabrera-Stewart

Diana’s specialty areas include working with mothers at any stage in their journey, as well as working with clients for whom race, culture, ethn…

image of Erica Billings

Erica Billings

Erica specializes in working with new parents including adoptive parents and LGBTQ+ families and people who are experiencing grief, death, berea…

image of Jehanzeb Dar

Jehanzeb Dar

Jehanzeb provides individual, couples, and group therapy services to people from diverse racial, ethnic, gender, socioeconomic, sexual orientati…

image of Kelsey Engdorf

Kelsey Engdorf

Kelsey enjoys working with teens, young adults, and couples to help them build the lives they want and make meaningful changes.

image of Mariela Zavala

Mariela Zavala

Mariela has a great interest in working with young mothers and adults from various backgrounds. Mariela can serve clients from diverse socioecon…

image of Rebecca Burke

Rebecca Burke

Rebecca works with clients experiencing a variety of symptoms including depression, anxiety, disordered eating, major life transitions, and mari…

image of Rebecca Perez

Rebecca Perez

I’m passionate about helping people overcome life’s challenges.  Whether you are struggling with a personal crisis brought on by trauma, relatio…


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