Are you ready for a career change but unsure of which path to take?

Do you feel unhappy in your work? Are you feeling confused about how to find your career path? If you could spend more time on the things you love, how would your life be different?

We can help you to find your right career.  Join us for an 8-week group career coaching program (via teleconference) called Find Your Path: Create Purpose Through Your Career, to help you move forward in your career with clarity, purpose, and intention.  This program will teach you how to find the right career for you with meaning and purpose.

“Find Your Path: Create Purpose Through Your Career” Group Coaching Program

You have a calling. There is a right work for you. Give yourself this chance to thrive. 

find your career path group program

Learn How To Find Your Career Path

Our Online Program “Find Your Path: Create Purpose Through Your Career” Will Help You:

  • Clarify what matters most to you in your life and career
  • Connect with your potential by identifying core strengths
  • Overcome doubts and fears by reconnecting with your confidence
  • Cultivate courage to make changes, set boundaries, and filter distractions
  • Create an action plan for moving forward towards your goals


This is an 8-week process to guide you toward meaningful work. We meet weekly over the phone or online for one-hour interactive group sessions. In addition to the sessions, you will receive weekly exercises that deepen the exploration and help you articulate your aspirations. You can join the group calls by landline, cell phone, google talk, or Skype. All calls will be available to download should you happen to miss a week. Activities and updates will be emailed.



Who is the Program For?

Anyone wishing to know how to find the right career path that aligns their personal values and natural abilities.  Because this is the personal exploration phase of the process, we will not be discussing job search strategies specifically. However, we will discuss how you can communicate the strengths you’ve identified about yourself on your resume and in interviews as well as how to leverage your skills to make a successful career transition. We will also discuss strategies to manage fear and build the courage necessary to push forward.

Participants in the group program benefit from the insight, support, and encouragement from other members sharing similar goals. Through the group process, you have the benefit of multiple perspectives.

Benefits of Working with a Career Coaching Group:

1. The collective wisdom of a group. The combined wisdom of the group accelerates the learning process. You get insight, information and perspective from hearing others work through their own situation. Experiencing the perspective of a group of people is a powerful way to gain awareness and insights we wouldn’t have otherwise.

2. A sense of connection, community, and belonging. The group coaching process connects you with other like-minded people and allows you to realize that you’re not alone, especially when it comes to the fears and doubts that can often get in the way. When realizing that others are in a similar situation, it can take the pressure off and allow you to focus on your goals rather than beating yourself up or feeling overwhelmed.

3. Greater accountability and forward movement. We are much more likely to keep commitments made publicly to a group. A group provides a much higher level of accountability, which means greater likelihood of follow through and reaching your goals faster.

4. Feedback from others to help you clarify your strengths and what you have to offer. You gain insights about yourself that you may not have acknowledged or been aware of previously. Verbalizing your true desires is very powerful! 

Our Philosophy:

To help you live the life you choose — complete with more time, energy, and professional fulfillment. We believe that everyone has a calling or something that can provide meaning and purpose in their lives.

About Us:

“Find Your Career Path” group career coaching program is facilitated by Houston, TX counselors Rachel Eddins & Basak Yanar. We are a counselor-psychologist team trained in understanding inner strengths and human motivation. We are skilled at facilitating an awareness of our core strengths, needs, and desires. We understand that obstacles arise despite our best intentions. Identifying and overcoming these obstacles is not easy, but with deep personal commitment, and the right kind of support, you can forge a flourishing career path. We love what we do and we want to help you feel the same.

Participant Feedback:

“I came into Inspired Career Path completely lost and feeling very defeated. I had no sense of direction and was very frustrated by that. The course helped me uncover my interests and my values and in the process infused me with excitement and hopefulness. I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling lost, discouraged and on the verge of giving up. It will inspire you!” – S.R., – Career Changer


The weekly assignments were instrumental and were great preparation for the meetings. Hearing about other participants stories in their search for meaningful careers inspired me and supported me all at once.” – K.S., Career Changer


“Making a commitment to this group made a difference for me. Having a group to talk to about my work/career issues was helpful. This group was a safe way to explore my needs.” – D.S, Career Seeker


“Listening to others create their career intentions helped me. It was helpful to realize that I am not alone and we have come a long way together. I have also rediscovered my hobbies and now take time to take care of myself. This course was outstanding. I believe I have found my true calling and I am feeling good about finally pursuing my dream.”  – J.J., Career Changer


“It was helpful to have exercises to do at home, to keep processing at my own speed. I’ve learned to focus on what is really important to me. I am so glad I participated.” – A.W., Career Changer


“I enjoyed this online career coaching experience very much. Both Rachel and Basak were extremely supportive, their voices were reassuring and comforting which I needed at the time. I really liked how they allowed things to unfold on their own week by week which they did. Both Rachel and Basak’s ideas and links included in the material were also useful. Just the fact of having to write out my answers made me think and turn my attention inward which I never had time to do. It was the best personal growth and development course I ever did and in being a woman and a helping professional, it was finally my turn to take care of me. Thank you so much for offering this course, I absolutely loved it.” – Career Changer


Click the “Register” button below to register. Registration covers the 8-week program and additional self-guided exercises. All registrations are final. If you have questions about the program, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you have any questions about how to find your career path and would like to explore whether the group is a good fit for you, call us today at 832-559-2622 or complete our online form.

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For additional self-exploration, download our career guide: 7 steps to making career changes: