journaling eddins counseling houston txJournal Writing Exercises for Self-Discovery and Healing

Journaling can help bring you clarity, awareness, and relief. Journal writing can be a powerful way to discover, explore and release stuck emotions and beliefs from your past. These journal exercises are designed to be completed in order to help you tune in to your inner world of thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Understanding our beliefs and labeling our emotions helps us to communicate more effectively, release stress and tension, minimize compulsive behaviors, and create healthy coping strategies. If you are working with a therapist, share your exercises in your therapy sessions. Completing them in between sessions will help accelerate your progress in therapy. Additional general journal writing prompts can be found here. Journal writing activities for individuals in eating disorder recovery can be found here.

1.   Introduction to Journaling
2.  My Life Space: Where am I Struggling?
3.  Introduction to Focus on Feelings
4.  Where Am I Now in My Life?
5.  Focus on Feelings
6.  Where Am I Now in My Relationships
7.  My Life Path
8.  The Area Paths
9.  Memories and Emotions
10. Choices and Decisions
11. Self Image Beliefs and Inner Conversations
12. The Moment Log
13. Taking an Emotional Pulse
14. The Dream Log
15. Completing Unfinished Business
16. The Never Ending Circle of Upsets
17. The Way Out of Upsets
18. Twelve Pathways for Personal Growth
19. Conversations with Persons Exercise
20. Conversations with Parts of the Self Exercise
21. Conversations in Unfinished Situations Exercise
22. Dream Conversations
23. The Art of Releasing
24. How Do I See Myself?
25. Costs and Benefits of Unpleasant Emotions
26. Evaluating and Letting Go of Negative Emotions
27. New Possibilities for Thinking and Feeling
28. Reversing Core Beliefs
29. My Positive Affirmations
30. Insights Realizations and Discoveries

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*Journaling exercises written by Cort Curtis, Ph.D, used with permission.