Are you a mom tired of feeling run down, stressed and disconnected from yourself?

You need validation, support and community for what you are experiencing as a mother.

Self renewal group for mothers, Houston, TX

Motherhood can be difficult, overwhelming, and all consuming.  Whether you’ve just had your first child, are transitioning to a larger family, are managing the many demands of your children’s lives, or are adjusting to a change in your own role and responsibilities it can feel as if you’re living for your children and that your own needs and interests are getting lost in the shuffle.

Sometimes women do not talk about how hard being a mother can be.  We are led to believe that motherhood should be as easy as it appears for everyone else. Often we find out it is not; leaving us at a loss of what to do and feeling alone. Moms are often surrounded by well meaning advice and even competitiveness about what it means to be an effective parent. You may feel frustrated about not knowing the “right way” to raise your children and feel like everyone else has some secret that allows them to parent in ways that are better or more effective than you. Or you may simply feel helpless in knowing how to handle challenges your children face or in your relationship. Perhaps when you take a step back you realize all your energy has been spent on your family and there isn’t much left for you. 

This can lead to an increasing disconnection from yourself.

Perhaps You’ve Had These or Similar Thoughts:

“I don’t know how to parent as well as other people. What’s wrong with me?”

All I do is run in circles between school and activities, I feel so exhausted all the time.  It’s like everything that made me fun before I had kids is just gone.” 

“I find myself yelling at my kids and getting angry with them all the time. Sometimes I don’t even want to play with them.”

“I feel like I’m failing at this, I’m just not good at this like other mothers are. I’m faking it and am scared that I’m screwing up my children.

“My kids aren’t sleeping and seem to always be throwing tantrums. They’re driving me crazy.”

“I spend my day in yoga pants and t-shirts and sometimes I don’t even bother to shower before the end of the day.”

I’d like to work out more and get back to the things that interested me before I had kids, but I just don’t have the time or the energy.” 

“I feel sad and lonely, I feel like I’ve lost some of my identity and don’t know who I am anymore besides “x’s mom”.”

“I spend so much time focusing on my family I have forgotten about myself.”

“I don’t have time for self-care!”

Mothers Need Support Too

This group is a self care and personal renewal support group for all mothers seeking to take better care of themselves, set healthy boundaries, feel empowered, and nurture deeper desires and needs.

The reality is many women struggle with motherhood, both in the role as parent and mother as well as personal self-connection. Whether you are a “stay” at home mom, working mom or work from home mom, it can be helpful to learn skills to make motherhood less stressful while reconnecting with yourself.

Having other women to talk with that understand what you are going through can be a really important source of support.

We all need to be seen, heard, connect, and to belong. This is the power of group therapy. 

Topics for the Self Care for Mothers Group include:

  • The Transformative Power of Self-care (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional)
  • Reconnecting with Who You Are, Nurturing Your Essence
  • Healthy Boundaries & Balancing Multiple Roles
  • Good is Good Enough
  • Self-love and Owning Your Personal Power
  • Unleashing Your Creativity and Reclaiming Adventure in Our Lives
  • Creating Your Personal Support System
  • Life Balance: Insights and Strategies for Balanced Living
  • Managing Our Energy, Saying “No” and Asking for Help

Self care is not self-indulgence – it is self-preservation!”  Renee Trudeau

You are not alone. Join us and experience the amazing transformation that occurs in a self-renewal group. 

Motherhood Self-Renewal Group Details:

The group meets every other Monday from 9:30-11am and is open to new members. The group is led by therapist, Alexandra Marshall.

This is an ongoing group, with an initial commitment of 3 months (bi-weekly meetings).

Contact us for more information at 832-559-2622 or email admin@eddinscounseling.com.

To register for the group, click on the link below:

support group houston