Support Group for Moms

Would you like to explore the power of self-care and connect with other mothers in a supportive environment? This personal renewal group will delve into motherhood & identity, transformation through self-care, creating a personal support system, managing energy, reducing perfectionism and owning personal power. Each meeting will cover a chapter from The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal and additional tools for wellness.

We all need four things: to be seen, heard, connect and belong. We live in a time when many of us are feeling increasingly isolated and disconnected—from ourselves and others—and we’re craving meaningful connection and community.

A Personal Renewal Group Will Offer You:

  • Support in your role as mom, regardless of work/home/relationship status
  • Resources for creating balance from the inside-out
  • Strategies and insights for self-renewal
  • Ways to reconnect with “who you are”
  • Community and meaningful connection with like-minded women
  • Tools for coping with the challenges of parenthood, emotions, and more

Support Group FAQ’s

Facilitator: Diana Cabrera-Stewart facilitates the group. She is a trained perinatal mental health specialist and works with women in various stages of motherhood.

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