Parenting Skills Training Group

Learn tools and strategies to manage challenging behaviors in children age 2-10 in a new way and bring peace and connection to your home.

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Parenting Skills for Stressed Parents

Have you tried everything? Are the parenting skills in all the books you've read not working for your family? Most parenting books are directed towards the average child. But, what if your child is just a bit ... different? You need a new set of skills.

Maybe you:

  • Want to protect your child's safety, but they impulsively run off in public places
  • Provide redirection, which only results in meltdowns or outbursts
  • Feel embarrassed about your child's behavior or guilty about your response
  • Wish things could be easier at home and public places

This group will teach you new tools and strategies create the peace and connection you crave.

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Parenting struggles you may be experiencing

Are any of these behaviors creating challenges for your family?

  • Kicking, biting, scratching, punching or throwing things
  • Impulsive behaviors such as running off or not listening
  • Aggressive behaviors, arguing or talking back
  •  Tantrums, meltdowns, or emotional outbursts
  • Constantly seeking attention, whether positive or negative
  • Power struggles or defiance

Sometimes kids are just more challenging than others whether due to temperament, greater sensitivity to physical or emotional input, mental health factors such as anxiety, ADHD or autism, or other reasons. 

The truth is, your child is not acting that way on purpose. They are having a hard time. When you can tune into their unique triggers and needs ahead of time and have new skills on effective ways to respond, you can learn how to prevent these unwanted behaviors or at least minimize their intensity.

About The Facilitator

Jessie Blakely Houston Therapist

Jessie Blakely

Jessie has over 10 years of experience working with children, adolescents, young adults, parents, and families. She specializes in a range of neurodiversity like ADHD, Autism, sensory processing, anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues. These challenges can have a range of symptoms and treatments. Jessie provides an individualized and collaborative approach to each client in order to provide the best care. Jessie is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPC-Associate), license # 89746. She received supervision from Diana Cabrera-Stewart, MA, LPC- Supervisor license # 73994.

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This group will meet weekly on Tuesdays from 1-2 PM.

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$75 per session.

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