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Divorcing or stuck in an endless dispute with extended family members? Mediation is an alternate dispute resolution process to reach a compromise outside of the courtroom.

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Mediation Services
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Are You And Your Family Member(s) Stuck In A Seemingly Endless Dispute?

Is the conflict about: 

  • Divorce issues, including child custody?
  • Parenting strategies or challenges?
  • Geriatric care options?
  • Addressing another family member’s addiction?
  • Responsibilities and assets following a death?
  • Or any other complicated personal, legal, business or financial issue?

Do you wish there was a way for everyone to work collaboratively to find a reasonable, amicable, lasting solution?

Alternative dispute resolution through family mediation can help you find an amicable solution.

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Take Back Control of Your Life With
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Give us a call at 832-559-2622 to find out more about Mediation Services in Houston. Or click "Get Started Now" to schedule an appointment online with our Alternative Dispute Resolution counselors today. We have therapists near the Montrose, Heights & Sugar Land neighborhoods and offer online therapy in multiple states.

Family Conflict is Exhausting

Regardless of the topic or details of your particular family conflict, you may feel exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed. It may be that the issue you’re facing just has too many nuances, and satisfying everyone seems impossible.

Or, perhaps you’re certain there is a solution, but you can’t get your family member(s) to agree or communicate effectively.

Or maybe you’d just like to reach conflict resolution without going to court.

As the issue drags on, you might feel increasingly concerned about the effect it’s having on your family relationships. Maybe you’re seeing a side of your relatives—or even yourself—that you never expected or wished to see.

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Sometimes Conflict Resolution Seems Impossible

While everyone’s patience wears thin, you might worry about the cost and stress of taking this issue to court. Part of you may even be tempted to concede, while another part of you wants to be heard.

Disputes and conflict are unavoidable, especially when it comes to decisions that impact the wellbeing of your entire family. Each person approaches issues with a unique perspective and set of wants and values.

Sometimes, those views line up, and all is well. Other times, they don’t quite align, but negotiation and adjustment are simple.

Then there are times when common ground is nowhere in sight.

When it comes to conflict related to loss, divorce, parenting, addiction and more, it’s normal for emotions to run high and for communication dissolve or erupt. It’s even common for one or all parties to feel pressured to submit to a compromise they don’t really want.

Thankfully, no matter how tangled and infuriating your dispute may be, a skilled, neutral, certified mediator can help you all reach a satisfying resolution.

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Solutions Are Possible With Family Mediation Services

Mediation offers all parties the chance to enter a calm, confidential space where you can identify shared goals and creatively problem-solve. With the guidance of a professional who is specifically trained in family dispute resolution, you and your relative(s) can not only voluntarily reach an agreement, but also restore a sense of peace in your relationships. 

At Eddins Counseling Group, we aim to help families work through differences in a manner that honors the wellbeing of each individual and the family as a whole.

How Family Mediation Works

Your mediator will determine the extent and nature of the conflict, maintain confidentiality and serve as an impartial facilitator. Throughout the entire mediation process, you can expect to receive unbiased guidance that improves communication and promotes voluntary decision making.

  •  You and your family member(s) may attend the mediation session with or without legal counsel. Once everyone has arrived and settled, your mediator will make sure that all decision makers are present and set a calm, collaborative tone for the conflict resolution work to come.
  • Then, all parties will give an opening statement. This is your opportunity to express your understanding of the issues at hand, as well as state and explain your wants and needs. You may use supplementary charts, documents and other materials if you wish. Each person is expected to respect and actively listen while statements are being given.
  • Once all parties have had a chance to speak, your mediator assists the parties through generating options and alternatives. You will have a chance to develop a fairness/legitimacy criteria that satisfies both parties, and then evaluate options based on that criteria.
  • Finally, you and your family member(s) will reach a conclusion. Mediation helps parties come to a realistic, durable, balanced and simple solution. Once all parties feel content with your agreement, you will sign an enforceable document that puts the matter to rest.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution FAQ's

By opting for mediation, you can help your family avoid expensive, time-consuming legal intervention. Resolving disputes without arbitration can reduce anger and bitterness and lead to long-term peacemaking. In fact, studies comparing mediation to litigation show that families enjoy a better post-divorce relationship when they reach agreements out of court. After all, a divorce lawyer doesn’t usually aim to preserve your relationships.

In addition, a mediator will not pressure you to follow their counsel, and you will not have to argue your point in front of a courtroom. Instead, you can find the confidential environment you and your family member(s) need to reach your own solutions, without feeling forced to concede.

Counseling is much more focused on family reconciliation, as well as the emotional components of divorce. By contrast, mediation is about actively resolving disputes. Here, you will have a chance to express your concerns and interests, but we will not focus on your feelings about the conflict.

Instead, in the presence of a dedicated moderator, you and your family member(s) can identify, assess and commit to a practical way to move forward.

For many people, mediation is just one piece of the overall divorce process. If you are hoping to make your divorce as amicable as possible, divorce counseling might be your best next step.

In counseling, you can feel heard and supported as you explore the reasons behind the divorce. You can also investigate what you and your ex-spouse need to work through lingering hurts and maintain healthy communication, especially if you have children. You can also develop the skills necessary for healing, working through sensitive issues and building new, fulfilling relationships.

In fact, no matter what issue you’re facing, counseling can help you effectively resolve the root cause.

Divorce can be a challenging time for all parties. Mediation can be one option to moving through a divorce as peacefully and pain free as possible. However, the emotional impact of such a change is big for everyone involved.

At Eddins Counseling Group, we have other specialists who can help your family move through the emotional transition of divorce as well.

Child Therapy

Child therapy and play therapy for younger children has been proven to help children, as young as 3 years old and older, to cope with the impact of divorce. When households and daily routine change this can create anxiety for children. Some children may also blame themselves. Counseling can help children and teens navigate these fears and transition to their new reality.

Co-Parenting Support

When partners are struggling, it can create stress for the entire family. Children may act out and new parenting skills are needed to cope. We can help you with co-parenting whether you are still married or separated.

Divorce Support Group for Women

We offer a divorce support group for women transitioning through divorce. Participation encourages personal growth, improved communication, reduction of negative behaviors and new coping skills.

You Can Effectively Resolve Conflict

Family mediation services serve as an alternative dispute resolution for all matters pertaining to family law including:

  • child custody
  • divorce mediation
  • parenting plans
  • family dispute
  • post-divorce modification
  • aging parents
  • estate disputes

In fact, no matter what issue you’re facing, our family mediation program can help you effectively resolve the matter in an amicable way.

We invite you to call Eddins Counseling Group at 832-559-2622 to schedule a free consult to learn more about our family mediation services in Houston, TX.

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