Diana Parlante MS, LMFT-Associate

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate # 204905
supervised by Dr. Jennifer Kendall, PhD, LMFT-S

Individual, Couples and Family Therapist

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About Diana Parlante


Relationships and marriages are one of the most meaningful and fulfilling bonds we can create in our lifetime. A relationship where you feel loved, completely seen, and accepted for who you are. Yet, somehow, that very same relationship can end up in a place so distant and disconnected.

How can something so special and loving turn into something so confusing? How do we move forward and stop talking in circles?

I can help you and your partner hear each other without feeling like you are compromising yourself, where you can share your thoughts and perspectives without the fear of sharing too much and pushing your partner further away.


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Diana's Focus

Couples Therapy

We are wired to connect and feel valued by those most important in our lives. This intensity can be the most gratifying and rewarding feeling, but when it is missing, you can feel devastated, alone, and angry.

What happens when one partner is feeling isolated and angry?

The other partner quickly finds out and attempts to support or make things better, but yet again, somehow, you both feel alone and unheard. This is a painful dance. A dance with the passion and desire to make a change, but all attempts seem to fall apart or make things worse.

This is where I can help.

My role is to be your translator and listen to what you are feeling and experiencing in your relationship. When there is little fear of saying something the wrong way, you can feel safe in sharing something vulnerable. I want to be there with you as you reach out to your partner for comfort or to share how their actions have made you feel. I am motivated to ensure that you feel heard and that any issues or struggles you face are not being challenged alone. Couples therapy must be unique to you and your relationship – free of assumption or judgment.

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Diana's Other Specialities

Individual Therapy

Sometimes life can feel isolating and directionless. Problems may arise with work, family, friends, or partners, and when you ask for help, no one seems to be saying the right thing. You reach out for understanding and validation and yet feel more removed and more uncertain if saying anything was right in the first place. These difficulties and struggles do not define who you are or your value. You and your voice are valuable.

I want to provide you with a safe and comfortable space where you can share your feelings without judgment or correction. More than that, I want to support you as you venture to create long-term change in your life by regaining control.

Family Therapy

A family is a source of connection and support. A place where there is a deep desire to keep everyone happy while also maintaining rules, boundaries, and accountability. Quite a difficult task if you ask me! Sometimes, a family unit needs support and direction through life changes, grief, anger, or even a betrayal. I want to help you and your family create a structured yet open space. A consistent space where you can speak with honesty and love without fear of long or short-term consequences.

No parent or child has all the answers, yet by working together, you can each collaborate on finding the most fitting solution.

More About Diana

Outside of the office, you may find me enjoying the great outdoors or the Great British Baking Show. Not the same, but somehow equally as important. I may also explore restaurants with my loved ones or attend a little family member’s play. I find much enjoyment in spending time with my big fat Italian family! If you have yet to watch the relaxing nature of the Great British Baking Show, I may recommend it to you for some self-care!

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History And Qualifications

I graduated from a COAMFTE accredited Master’s program in Marriage and Family Therapy. My educational journey began with a passion for exploring the relationships between people rather than viewing problems within people. Individualizing and potentially finding blame in one person didn’t foster the most change. Instead, the dynamics between people brought more insight and awareness for myself and my clients. We are all connected, and to create life-long change, we must look within and around us.

Graduate Degree: Master's of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy

Counselor Affiliations: 

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor's in Human Development and Family Studies

What Clients Are Saying

Exceeded My Expectations

[My counselor] has been a great healthcare provider. She has been great towards my wife and I. She has made herself available after office hours to be reached and to consult. I had a solo session with [a] doctor who has been in the business for a long time, but I feel [my counselor] has been a better experience because she makes things easier to communicate and to be heard. I really am glad I was lucky to find her to help me and my wife. I look forward to working with her even more. Her level of care has exceeded my expectations and really changed what I think therapy can achieve.


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