Tiara Runyon LMSW

Licensed Master of Social Worker - LMSW
Under the Supervision of Marcie Dinkin, LMSW-S #54387

Adult, Teen, Child Services

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About Tiara Runyon


At times, we feel stuck, powerless, emotionally drained, and hopeless—but those feelings are not forever. I admire your strength and courage to seek support through mental health therapy.I believe all individuals have within them the tools needed to thrive, however life can throw a lot at us, and sometimes we need help bringing our tools up. I am honored to walk this journey with you.


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Tiara's Focus

Therapist for Children, Teens, and Adults

I am experienced working therapeutically with ages across the lifespan with diagnoses related to Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma connected challenges. I am passionate about helping children through life transitions such as divorce, with techniques rooted in play therapy and parent/child rapport building. My other therapeutic interests include Eating Disorders and OCD.

Like most individuals, I too have struggled with finding my own path. Moving around frequently left me feeling as if I never had a place anywhere. I found my place in the field of helping others. Guiding someone else to feel as if all their puzzle pieces are fitting, helps all my pieces fit. I enjoy helping clients in session use the same techniques I have learned in the past.

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Tiara's Other Specialities

I welcome you into a warm, judgment-free, relaxed environment where you can explore yourself and the resources needed to achieve healing and growth. With a plan specialized for you, we can work towards your goals.

More About Tiara

I am a Michigander, transplanted to Houston. In my free time, I enjoy reading, doing DIY projects, and being active outdoors. At home in Michigan, I enjoyed taking my family lab, Sasha, for walks along the river. These things ground me and help me feel like my best self.

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History And Qualifications

I hold my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Eastern Michigan University, my Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Michigan, and am a Licensed Master of Social Worker #, under the supervision of Marcie Dinkin.

Graduate Degree: University of Michigan - Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work

Counselor Affiliations: 

Undergraduate Degree: Eastern Michigan University - Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

What Clients Are Saying

Friendly Staff and Therapists

The staff is responsive and very friendly. My daughter was matched with a therapist whom she really likes. She is starting to feel safe with her therapist.


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