Tiara Runyon LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker - LCSW #105921 in Texas

Adult, Teen, Child Services

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About Tiara Runyon


At times, we feel stuck, powerless, emotionally drained, and hopeless—but those feelings are not forever. I admire your strength and courage to seek support through mental health therapy. I believe all individuals have within them the tools needed to thrive, however life can throw a lot at us, and sometimes we need help finding our particular tools. I am honored to walk this journey with you.


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Tiara's Focus

Therapist for Adults, Teens, and Children

Have you found yourself moving through life as if there is a fog over you? Maybe you no longer enjoy activities you once did, are feeling guilt/shame related to intrusive thoughts, find yourself tired, anxious, having depressed moods, pushing others away, and have unbreakable patterns Perhaps all you can manage is your day-to-day necessities and nothing more. 

Maybe you feel numb, or are having too many emotions all at once. Maybe you are struggling to find balance in life. Giving yourself the care and love we give to others is hard. Finding time to rest and reset can be difficult if we are not sure why this is going on.  We are all only human, and can only do so much on our own. I would love to walk the path toward finding out that why with you. 

I am experienced working with pre-teens, teens, and adults as they find their own journey with their mental health. With challenges such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, life transitions, eating disorders, and OCDI can help connect you, back to you. 

Other clinical areas I work with are children that have gone through divorce or trauma or who have challenges with emotion regulation, anxiety, or behavioral concernsMy technique is a mix of child and clinician-directed play, as well as parent/child rapport building.

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Tiara's Other Specialities

Like most individuals, I too have struggled with finding my own path. Moving around frequently left me feeling as if I never had a place anywhere. I found my place in the field of helping others. Guiding someone else to find where their pieces fit, helps all my pieces fit. I bring a client-centered approach into the therapy space, meaning you are the most important person in the room. This allows me to connect with clients and help uncover the answers that they seek.

I am trained in Trauma and Grief Component Therapy for Adolescents, and also have experience utilizing Exposure Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy(CBT), Mindfulness, and a collaborative, person-centered approach suited to fit your individual needs. 

I welcome you into a warm, judgment-free, relaxed environment where you can explore yourself and the resources needed to achieve healing and growth. You are not alone. Take the next step by booking a session with me so that we can work towards your goals together. 

I look forward to working with you. 

More About Tiara

I am a Michigander, transplanted to Houston. In my free time, I enjoy reading, doing DIY projects, and being active outdoors. At home in Michigan, I enjoyed taking my family lab, Sasha, for walks along the river. These things ground me and help me feel like my best self.

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History And Qualifications

I hold my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Eastern Michigan University, and my Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Michigan.

Graduate Degree: University of Michigan - Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work

Counselor Affiliations: 

Undergraduate Degree: Eastern Michigan University - Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

What Clients Are Saying

My child's therapist has helped tremendously with managing their anxiety. She's been so helpful and we've seen so much progress!

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