Make Peace With Food Group Program

Do You Find Yourself Thinking, “Why Can’t I Stop Eating?” Are You Tired of Compulsive Eating? You can break free from out of control eating and weight obsession to find meaning and joy in your life. It’s time to take back your life!

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Are You Tired of Compulsive Eating?

If you find yourself grazing, overeating, yo-yo dieting, emotional eatingbinge eating, compulsive eating or obsessing about food, you can make peace! If you are feeling out of control with your relationship with food you are not alone. You can break free from out of control eating and weight obsession to find meaning and joy in your life. It’s time to take back your life!

In this compulsive eating, emotional eating and binge eating support group and therapy program  (Make Peace with Food program) we look at factors that contribute to imbalance in each area of our lives, which contributes to feeling out of control with food. This is not a quick weight loss fix, but rather a long-term non-diet approach to connecting with yourself, evaluating your physical and emotional needs, and identifying factors that contribute to out of control eating.

This program is about compassionately healing from within and making long-term emotional and behavioral change that supports your most balanced, healthy self. The group process is a powerful way to learn the skills of making peace with food while benefiting from the support and understanding of others.

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The program is designed to help you:

  • Make peace with food
  • Break free of emotional eating
  • Effectively handle urges & cravings
  • End binge eating & compulsive eating
  • Practice self-care and self-compassion
  • Cope with difficult thoughts and feelings
  • Build your self-care buffer zone
  • Rediscover joyful movement
  • Identify your needs and how to get them met
  • Use your values to make your life richer and more rewarding

About The Facilitator

Alexandra Marshall

Alexandra Marshall

Alexandra’s focus is on helping you develop self-confidence, cope with feelings of anxiety, emotional eating, loneliness and isolation, and manage major life transitions such as changing careers or becoming a parent. Alexandra is also skilled in DBT therapy and providing emotional support and coping skills to parents of young children.

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This group meets every other Thursday from 11:45am - 1:15pm.

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$75 per session

Billed monthly

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Why Join A Group

You will learn:

  • How to end food and body image obsession
  • How to identify your true needs, manage stress, and practice self-care
  • How to manage your feelings and meet your needs without the use of food
  • How to feel “good enough”

Prior to the group, pick up copies of:

Intuitive Eating Book

Intuitive Eating Workbook

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Feedback from the Group

Very Helpful

The worksheets and group exercises really helped me get at my core beliefs and helped me understand my emotions. Rachel is a master at listening and helping us understand complex emotions and situations. Sharing my stories out loud with others in a safe environment was very helpful.

Group Discussion

“The group discussions were the most helpful aspect of this experience. It was really nice to hear others perspectives.”


“Actually being in a group and hearing others with the same issues is very powerful. It’s much more helpful than listening to myself for an hour. I learned so much from the other members. This is a group I trust and I’m committed to the changes.”

So Helpful

“It has been so helpful to realize that this is about so much more than my body. Experiencing others (with a variety of body types) struggling with the same issues as me was so helpful.”


“The facilitator has a tremendous gift for being compassionate and empathetic, while at the same time challenging participants to look at the issues. Just what I needed! Thank you.”

Common Struggles

“Hearing common struggles and recognizing patterns was helpful. The supplemental workbook provided the most useful work for me to make changes.”


“Hearing others opinions and feelings were very helpful. The additional exercises took the information to a much deeper level and added greatly to the process. She was so observational and intuitive! Her comments were always helpful and insightful.”

Skills Apply Everywhere

“The skills I’ve learned in the group I’ve applied to many areas of my life – in my hobbies, activities, and finding joy in movement. It’s bearing so much fruit in my life. I’ve continued to use the tools to help me through the holidays and it’s been so helpful to me. Thank you for investing so much in helping me through this.”

Learning to Let Go

“It was helpful to learn ways of letting go of things that aren’t working for me and how to give myself permission to take time for myself.”

Loved Group Process

“Loved the group process! I learned from everyone’s comments and experiences. Very well organized.”

Loved the Group

“Loved the group, needed it. It was so helpful.”

Thought Provoking

“Excellent experience. Really appreciated the thought provoking group discussions. If you’re considering the group, please take the plunge and give it a try. It’s uncomfortable at times, but so worth the time.”


“I’ve been in pain nearly my entire life because of my struggle with food and the experiences and emotions that led me to abuse it. Being overweight and turning to food to soothe myself have colored every aspect of my life: how I handled my relationships with people, my choices of friends and lovers, career choices, how I dressed, the homes I’ve had and the condition in which I kept them, what I thought of myself as a person, my expectations of others…just everything. The more I think about it the sadder I feel. But, it’s a sadness for what was, not for what has to be my future. I don’t have the right words to thank you for offering a program that relieved me of that struggle. Just know that I am truly grateful.”

Stronger and Safer

“The changes I’ve experienced since starting the group have freed me to direct my attention toward other changes that have to be made in my life. Because of you and the group I feel stronger and safer than I ever recall feeling before.”

Less Critical

“I became less critical of my weight, happier about shopping for clothes, and now make sure to have the right food available in the house.”


“I started a new exercise routine! Very positive experience.”


“I learned so much about myself. It’s clear she knows a lot about food addiction. I’ve learned to begin loving myself the way I am. I’m trying to enjoy my life now that my weight doesn’t matter. I now believe I’m worthy of love from the opposite sex.”

Positive Self-Talk

“I increased my positive self-talk. I’m now able to identify my triggers and am able to help myself when triggered. I’ve been able to ask myself when I’m hungry and identify what I want versus just eating something.”

More Mindful

“Loved the group! I could relate to some more than others, but all the topics/discussions were really helpful. Rachel is incredibly knowledgeable and sensitive to individual needs. I no longer feel alone in my struggle with food and am starting to trust and appreciate my body. I’m also more mindful!”

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Upcoming Events Schedule

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Eating Disorder Therapy Group

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Make Peace With Food Group Program

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Eating Disorder Therapy Group

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