Elizabeth Lowrey LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker #62588

Addictions, Anxiety, Chronic Illness, Depression, Grief/Loss

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About Elizabeth Lowrey


Life is beautifully complicated. It brings a range of experiences, emotions and lessons that can be overwhelming. It takes strength, courage and vulnerability to ask for help and support. As a therapist, my aim is to help you learn more about yourself and how you connect with the world around you. Whether this means processing the impact of a particular behavior, relationships, traumatic experiences, overwhelming emotions, patterns that are keeping you stuck, or simply wanting to create meaning in your life. I am here to support, collaborate and create a safe space to start your journey.


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Elizabeth's Focus

My focus is to help clients grow and heal by providing a safe and compassionate environment for clients to share their unique story. I have experience working with individuals and families from all walks of life navigating problematic alcohol use or addiction difficulties, adjusting to chronic illness, grief, loss, anxiety and depression.

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Elizabeth's Other Specialities

Therapy is a process. It unfolds as we explore your experiences in the world. Insights and tailored suggestions will develop through examining your beliefs and thoughts, and discovering your strengths and opportunities for growth. I am sensitive in my approach to hearing your story and making room for all of you, including the domains of identity that shape who you are.

I practice from a humanistic perspective and incorporate scientifically validated techniques to assist you in reaching your goals. This means that I will not judge you and will treat you as the human being you are.

I will be honest and authentic with you, while tailoring our sessions to meet your unique needs, using research-supported interventions. My goal is to help you better understand your experiences, confront and explore your emotions and honor your unique experience in the world.

Together we will use the therapeutic relationship to gain greater insight and to help you actualize the life you envision for yourself.

More About Elizabeth

In my free time, I enjoy camping, hiking, biking and traveling with my husband. When Texas weather decides not to cooperate you can find me reading, cooking or playing board games with friends.

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History And Qualifications

Elizabeth Lowrey is a Licensed clinical social worker, License # 62588, who specializes in alcohol addiction, adjusting to chronic illness, grief, loss, anxiety and depression.  Elizabeth has spent her career working for a major Texas hospital providing crisis intervention, substance abuse assessment and treatment, family intervention, grief counseling, adjustment to chronic illness, as well as general support therapy. She has received training in Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Treatment, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Graduate Degree: University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work - Master of Social Work degree with a specialization in behavioral health

Counselor Affiliations: 

Undergraduate Degree: Texas A&M University at College Station- Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Geography

What Clients Are Saying

Exactly What I Needed

My experience has been nothing short from amazing. She is exactly what I needed coming into therapy for the first time!


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