Roddy Young LCSW

Licensed Clinicial Social Worker #37231

Individual, Couples, & LGBTQ+ Therapist

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About Roddy Young


Everyone, at one time or another, gets “lost or stuck” in their personal or professional lives. Lost in unhappy and negative feelings. Stuck in unproductive, unsatisfying, even self-destructive patterns of thoughts and behavior.

At times we might not like ourselves, feel lonely, unfulfilled, or unloved wanting life to be different but unable to change.

Even when life is going well, there may be times when people say things that are hurtful and arouse feelings of anger or sadness. What’s going on? Is there some other motivation, agenda, or feelings that draw us into these repeated patterns?

What I do is work with people to help them discover the causes of their difficulties and then, develop the insights and skills necessary to live the life they have always imagined.


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Roddy's Focus

Individual Counseling

My goal when working with individuals is to help uncover their true potential and lead the life they have always wanted.

First, I listen as they share current their difficulties, the impact they are having on their lives, and what they want to change.

Next, we review parts of their lives to determine what old patterns of thoughts and behaviors are serving as current barriers to change and why certain people or situations trigger intense feelings and strong reactions.

Then together we will review their current strengths and build upon them while using newfound insights to help them develop the tools necessary to transform their life and relationships with others.

I help individuals find relief from anxiety and depression, cope with grief and loss, and overcome addiction of all types including substance addictions as well as love or sex addiction.

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Roddy's Other Specialities

Couples Counseling

There are few words that create as many conflicted emotions in people as “relationships”. Sometimes we desire them, sometimes we detest them. We obsess about not having one, followed by a strategy to get out of one. They can be extreme and difficult, flat and lackluster, or like a roller-coaster, with adrenaline-filled ups and downs. Why does this happen?

I am a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and when looking through the lens of Imago, I help couples discover the answers to three important questions about relationships.

  1. Why are we romantically attracted to someone?
  2.  What causes the conflict in our relationships?
  3. How do we turn this conflict into reconnection and personal growth?

I believe that, “We are all born through and into relationships, we are wounded in relationships, and the way we heal is through our relationships.”

More About Roddy

In his free time, Roddy enjoys spending time with family and friends. He and his partner/husband of 42 years are active in their neighborhood and members of several dinner groups. Their favorite time is being home with their Labrador Retrievers, Power, Jr. and Daisy.


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History And Qualifications

Roddy Young received his Bachelor of Science in Social Science and Psychology in 1998 and Master of Social Work in Children and Families and Mental Health Issues in 2002, both from the University of Houston.

He has been providing counseling to individuals and couples in both medical and private practice settings for 21 years.

Online Therapy

Graduate Degree: Master of Social Work- University of Houston, 2004

Counselor Affiliations: Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, February 2010

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science in Social Science and Psychology- Unviersity of Houston, 1998

What Clients Are Saying

So Happy To Have Found Him

We have had two sessions now and are so happy to have found him. He is giving us the tools we need to better communicate and ultimately build a stronger foundation for our relationship. Plus he has a great sense of humor and has been fun to work with!


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