binge eating quiz

Do I Binge Eat?

The binge eating test is designed to help you identify whether compulsive eating or binge eating is a concern for you. Everyone overeats some of the time. However, if you have started to feel out of control with food, feel guilty or ashamed about your eating, and/or use food to cope, you may need additional help. Binge eating is not a problem of will power and dieting may only make things worse. Binge eating or compulsive eating is a complex psychological issue that can be treated. If you're worried that your eating may be out of control, take this quiz and find out where you stand.

Consider each of the following scenarios below, and choose the answer that most closely resembles your personal experience.

1. Appearances:
2. Pacing:
3. Control:
4. Boredom:
5. Timing:
6. Emotional response:
7. Dieting habits:
8. Satiety:
9. Intake:
10. Compulsion:
11. Termination:
12. Social Settings:
13. Snacking:
14. Urges:
15. Preoccupation:
16. Portions:

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