Reprinted with permission by the author.

  1. Save Your Relationship
  2. Introduction to the Living Journal
  3. My Life Space
  4. Introductory Journal Exercises
  5. Where Am I Now in My Relationship
  6. Communication in Relationships
  7. Dialogue on Feelings
  8. Prescription For Dialogue
  9. Pleasant and Unpleasant Feelings
  10. Dialogue Procedures
  11. Describing Feelings
  12. Guidelines For Writing And Dialogue
  13. Examples of Dialogue Technique
  14. Effective Listening Scale
  15. Four Steps to Effective Listening
  16. Common Errors During Dialogue
  17. Listen Quote
  19. Actions that Can Make a Difference
  20. My Life Path
  21. My Relationship Path (free form)
  22. My Relationship Path (structured)
  23. My Part in this Relationship
  24. Cornerstones of a Healthy Marriage
  25. Identifying Upsetting Situations
  26. Identifying Upsetting Behaviors in Another
  27. Anatomy of the Ego
  28. Ripoffs and Payoffs
  29. Evaluating and Letting Go of Negative Emotions
  30. Myths of Forgiveness
  31. Forgiveness Letter Template
  32. Asking For Forgiveness Template
  33. What Are My Needs
  34. What Are My Interests
  35. My Partner Profile
  36. Five Tough Questions
  37. Ten Pathways to a Loving Relationship


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