How to De-escalate Conflict

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This Focus on Wellness (FOW) event will help couples experiencing conflict slow down the conversation and connect with their internal thoughts and feelings to then establish a better foundation that is focused on emotional understanding and regulation – that bonds the couples rather than divides. Attendees will learn how to: Learn how to recognize, talk…


Webinar: How to Care For Yourself Through Times of Change and Transition

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Just as the seasons change, so do our lives, feelings, and experiences. In this webinar, you will learn how to care for yourself through times of change and transition. It takes courage and strength to address this and to prioritize taking care of yourself!

Webinar: Navigating the Unexplained

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In this webinar, we explore the unique challenges and struggles people involved with these types of phenomena (Bigfoots, aliens, and ghosts) have had to face both psychologically and socially, and what you can do to be a caring, empathic ally.