Jennifer Oates , Practicum Student

Supervised by Diana Cabrera-Stewart, LPC-S #73994

Counseling for Adults and Couples

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About Jennifer Oates


We can’t always prepare ourselves for the challenges we face in life. We might feel like a failure or a disappointment while we struggle, especially when many times these challenges directly or indirectly involve the people we love most. You might feel silly or ashamed reaching out for professional help, putting pressure on yourself to continue handling your challenges alone.

You don’t have to face your challenges alone! My goal in therapy is to empower you to reach your goals and face your fears individually and in the context of your unique support network.

Therapy can be challenging no matter what life stage, occupation, culture, or gender you identify with. In our work together I hope to create a therapeutic environment that fosters strong feelings of mutual respect and trust as we address concerns or frustrations you’ve encountered along the course of your life.

I take a collaborative approach to diagnosis and treatment to keep you highly engaged and motivated throughout our work together. We will mold tools and exercises from our sessions to your life experience to meet you exactly where you are and help get you where you want to be.

Ultimately, I want you to leave each session being kind to yourself. While some days it might not feel like it, you are the expert on you. I can only hope to serve as a guiding force along your journey to self-fulfillment in your academic, professional, and/or personal life.


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Jennifer's Focus

I hope to collaborate with you to alleviate any pain, frustration, or worries that may be keeping you from reaching your academic, professional, and/or personal pursuits. I have experience working with women, military, first responders, and families.

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Jennifer's Other Specialities

I have formal training in motivational interviewing (MI) techniques and practice from a solution-focused lens, but I also use CBT-informed exercises in my work with clients.

More About Jennifer

Outside the therapy room, I enjoy Latin dancing, reading, and traveling.

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History And Qualifications

Graduate Degree: Currently pursing a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Houston- Clear Lake

Counselor Affiliations: 

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What Clients Are Saying


Jennifer Oates is amazing. She has a very compassionate way of telling me things I need to hear. I already have people I want to recommend her to after she is fully licensed and has the scheduling time. She's amazing.


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