Journal Exercises - The Forgiveness Letter TemplateThe Forgiveness Letter Template






Regarding the situation/time where/when__________________________________________________

(What happened? Who is involved? When/Where did it happen? What was said?)

I have been holding feelings of__________________________________________________________

 Label the specific feelings

And I have been holding these feelings ever since__________________________________________

Holding on to these feelings have cost me_________________________________________________

And what these feelings have done to me is_______________________________________________

My payoff in keeping these feelings has been______________________________________________

The possible difference it could make in my life if I could let these feelings go is_________________


The fears I have in letting go of these feelings are___________________________________________

I am able and willing to let go of these feelings now and I would like to replace these feelings with feelings of________________________________________________________________

And I would like to tell myself such things as_______________________________________________

I am able and willing to let those feelings in. The behaviors I want to show when feel these new feelings are_________________________________________________________________________

And the words I want to say when I feel these new feelings are________________________________

A previous time when I have felt similar feelings was the time when____________________________

Thank you for your loving presence for me to let go.

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*Journaling exercises written by Cort Curtis, Ph.D, used with permission.