Intuitive Eating Quiz

Are You Struggling in Your Relationship with Food?

Intuitive Eating is a practice of responding to your internal bodily cues for hunger and fullness instead of other physical, emotional, or mental factors. Each of those factors is a scale on the intuitive eating quiz.

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The Intuitive Eating Scale

Another way to think of it is peaceful eating or “normal” eating. It doesn’t mean you eat perfectly all the time. It does mean, however, that your relationship with food is more effortless – it takes up less emotional and mental energy.

There are many factors that can get in the way of intuitive eating. The intuitive eating quiz includes your score on each scale. This will provide you with a good idea of where to start in healing your relationship with food and becoming an intuitive eater.

Please answer the questions below based on your general eating habits.

NOTE: This is not a diagnosis.

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Heal Your Relationship with Food

People of all ages, shapes, and sizes struggle in their relationship with food. We offer several resources to help:

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Follow Up To The Intuitive Eating Quiz

Make Peace with Food

In this compulsive eating, emotional eating, and binge eating support group and therapy program  (Make Peace with Food program) we look at factors that contribute to imbalance in each area of our lives, which contributes to feeling out of control with food.

This is not a quick weight loss fix, but rather a long-term non-diet approach to connecting with yourself, evaluating your physical and emotional needs, and identifying factors that contribute to out-of-control eating.


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