what drives your overeatingTake this quiz and find out why you overeat.

Do you struggle with overeating, including emotional eating, binge eating, grazing, or eat when you know you are not hungry? In working with overeating for over a decade, we’ve identified four primary drivers of emotion-driven eating. Once you know your primary driver you can address it. Knowing your main driver empowers you to be in charge. Take this quiz and find out what drives your overeating and what you can do about it.

If you’ve tried dieting, but find that you keep returning to old patterns, it’s a sign that something else is “driving” your behavior. This is the psychology of overeating. There are a number of psychological and biological factors that contribute to overeating and they’re different for everyone. When these factors go unaddressed, diets are doomed to fail.

We all overeat and eat emotionally from time to time. Challenges arise when food becomes the go-to source for our non-food needs. Over-relying on one coping strategy gets us out of balance. Uncovering what it is that is actually driving our behavior is the first clue to making positive and meaningful changes.

This overeating quiz will help you understand why you overeat and provide you with some strategies for for overcoming overeating and emotional eating.

Keep in mind that our relationship with food is much more complex than can be listed in the context of this quiz. Each person’s psychology and biology is unique. But understanding the psychology behind why you overeat is a great place to start.

We offer several services both individually and in group format to help people overcome the psychology of overeating. What you learn from taking this quiz and digging in deeper will ultimately help you not just in your relationship with food, but overall in creating a more satisfying life.

You may identify with several options, pick the one that is most frequent or describes where you are right now.

Take the Quiz, “Why Do I Overeat?”


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