April 24, 2017

Enjoy Some Relationship Fun: Have an “I Love You” Scavenger Hunt

Written by Rachel Eddins


Couple in loveSome time back, in an article on relationship counseling, it was suggested that a regular date night helps keep your relationship fun and close. Initially, you may have embraced that idea wholeheartedly. But lately, you might be thinking that, while you tremendously enjoy spending time with your partner, doing basically the same things over and over feels a bit stagnant at times.

Would you like to be more imaginative and up the ante on relationship fun? Good!

But how?

It takes some planning, but a romantic scavenger hunt may just be the thing to make your “typical” relationship fun extraordinary, reconnect and show your partner how special they are to you.

How to Organize an “I Love You” Scavenger Hunt

Step 1: Planning

  • Decide on what your final goal will be – It actually works best to start with the final result and work backward. So, first, choose the destination, activity, or gift you want your partner to discover.
  • Think about the extent of the hunt – Where will it be? In your home, in your neighborhood, or in your city? If it will be in the city, how will your partner get around? Via car or public transportation? How long will it last? The whole day or just a few hours? For a hunt in the city, try not to include more than five locations, be sure the route flows easily, and take advantage of city landmarks (like the Water Wall in Downtown Houston or Central Park in NYC).
  • Ensure the hunt caters to your relationship – Make sure this hunt is about the two of you, about being close. Make a list of the places and activities that have special meaning to both of you. You want to keep it personal, fun, and interesting – like a walk down memory lane with a prize at the end!

Step 2: Making the Clues

  • Written clues – Give clues that are simple to figure out, but not too easy (a hint to the first place you kissed, or where you said “I love you”). You could also make the clues rhyme. Though rhyming may be a bit intimidating for some, there are online sources that can help.
  • Photos – Instead of writing, you may want to give hints with pictures. Maybe a photo of the two of you at a special place or a picture of a specific piece of clothing used for a special occasion. You can also take pictures specifically for this hunt. For example, a close-up of something at your chosen locations that’s recognizable, but not easily so, to keep it a little challenging.
  • Items and gifts – They can be hints in themselves or added to the written or photo clues. For example, you can include a piece of a puzzle (a photo or big clue you cut apart) with individual clues that lead to the final surprise. Or you may want to include gifts (massage oil, lotion, bathrobe) that your partner will use when arriving at the end location.
  • Ensure you give clear clues – Nothing should be too hard to find. You don’t want your partner to get lost, or get frustrated because they can’t locate the next clue at the location. For that reason, it’s good to make the clues with brightly colored and sturdy paper or put them in bright envelopes.


  • If you decide to involve employees at the locations of this relationship fun activity, be sure to get permission from the manager.
  • Do a test run to see if it all works and how much time it may take. It will help you determine if you need to make adjustments and when to be at the final location.

Enjoy the fun!

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