Do You Feel Overwhelmed by the Challenges of Parenting?

  • parent counseling in houstonAre you feeling overwhelmed by your child’s behaviors and not sure what to do?
  • Does it feel like everything is a struggle? From listening, behaving, timing, meals, schedules, etc?
  • Are you having a hard time keeping up with other parents who seem to manage everything with ease and grace?
  • Does it just feel like nothing you do has the impact you want in parenting your child?
  • Do you wish you could foster a loving relationship with your family, feel confident in your identity as a parent and offer your children the tools they need to live a happy, successful life?

In Person & Online/Video Therapy Options Available

Raising children and balancing their needs with your own can feel like an impossible task. It may seem as though you are lost in the daily routine of waking up exhausted, navigating a day of chaos and then tossing and turning as anxious thoughts about your children’s wellbeing flood your mind at night.

Perhaps you find it difficult to go to bed at all, as you feel the pressure to finish work, clean the house or make time with your partner. You may wake up with a plan and hopes for how the day will go, and then feel frustrated and insufficient when unexpected issues and responsibilities get in the way of your goals. You might feel like everyone around you is able to be a calm and together parent, while you’re struggling to manage your daily responsibilities.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed by self-doubt and fears of failure. You might constantly compare your family to those around you and find that you inevitably come up short, especially when your children are acting out in public or throwing tantrums at school.

Being a perfect parent can seem like the impossible goal, and good enough can never actually be enough.

Aspects of yourself and your life that once made you feel happy and successful might have been pushed aside as your focus has shifted to parenting issues and the demands of family life.

The stressors we deal with everyday also influence how we parent and those obligations and chores never seem to go away. This perpetuates a cycle of feeling overwhelmed and thus trying to over control when it comes to parenting.

You may be wondering how you get aligned on the right, yet appropriate page, with your child to provide what they are needing while also tending to the self care that is necessary for your own well being?

Parent coaching can teach you the skills you need. 


If You Feel Exhausted and Overwhelmed as a Parent, You Are Not Alone

parenting issues

You love your children, but it can feel overwhelming to manage it all.

All parents experience self-doubt and worry about their children´s future, especially during periods of transition, such as the birth of a first child, the first years of school and the beginning of adolescence. Parents often struggle with managing stress and heavy expectations, especially those they impose on themselves.

Many parents begin to feel defined by their role as parents and lose sight of themselves as individuals with needs independent of their children. They become overwhelmed by fears of failing their children and their families even though they’re trying hard to be a good parent.

It’s easy enough to feel overwhelmed as a parent as you try to balance your responsibilities, parent your child(ren) and make time for yourself.

If you are trying to manage behavioral, emotional or developmental challenges things can get overwhelming fast and leave you feeling stressed, exhausted, and even hopeless.

There is hope!

Positive parenting skills can help you navigate parenting challenges with confidence and skill.

When it comes to parenting, there is no roadmap. While this can feel frightening and confusing, this also means that there is not just one way to parent. It can be difficult to make sense of all of the suggestions and advice you might be hearing from your parents, friends, family members, coworkers and the world at large.

If you are a stressed parent, with help and support, it is possible to develop effective parenting skills that will work for your family.

You can learn to understand your children as unique individuals, learn skills to respond effectively to different behavioral challenges, discover that success is defined differently for each family and feel more confident and secure in yourself and your role as a parent..

Therapy for Parenting Issues & Concerns Can Help You Nurture a Healthy, Happy Relationship With Your Family and Yourself

At Eddins Counseling Group, we understand how hard it is to know if you’re doing a good job as a parent and how alone and overwhelmed parents can feel. The good news is that you’re not alone. And, there is hope and help. Parent counseling offers a safe, compassionate space for you to work through your worries, concerns, hopes and doubts without fear of judgment.

In parenting counseling sessions, your therapist can help you explore your own needs and managing stress goals as well as help you establish the relationship with yourself, your children and your partner that feels right and satisfying to you. Success is defined relative to your own personal goals, rather than the goals and beliefs of the people around you.

We know that there is no one path to parenting that works for everyone and no one set of skills that will magically fit every circumstance. In addition to empathetic, accepting support for moms, your therapist can provide you with suggestions and parenting skills education, helping you to identify the specific tools that feel useful and right for your personal situation. Through therapy for parents, you can forge your own parenting path and philosophy and feel confident and empowered in your relationship with your child.

As you work through parenting issues, you and your therapist can also talk about your individual identity. Your therapist can help you identify, explore and prioritize your values, needs and wants. Although it can feel as though you should be putting yourself last, your own sense of happiness and peace is important for your personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of your family. You can also develop skills for managing stress and merge your identity as a parent with the pieces of the previous you that you want to keep alive. You can be a full, balanced, satisfied self.

At Eddins Counseling, your therapist will help you tackle the practical parenting issues causing you distress, as well as get to the core issues making you feel as though you can’t handle life’s challenges. As you resolve doubts, you can create lasting relief and feel capable of nurturing yourself and your family over the long-term. You already have all of the tools you need to be a loving, compassionate, caring parent. Parent counseling can help you access those tools and create a harmonious, connected family and a fulfilling life.

You may think that therapy can help you connect with your children, but still have questions or concerns…

My plate is so full. I don’t have time for parent counseling.

We understand how hard it can feel to set aside time for anything, let alone time for yourself. But, if you are feeling lost and overwhelmed, it is essential that you take the time to refill your energy and compassion tank. By making time to take care of yourself, you’ll be in a better position to take great care of your family. When you grant yourself time to share your worries in a safe, accepting environment, you can feel more playful, excited and engaged with your children then might seem possible.

Therapy for parents is too expensive, especially with the costs of having kids.

If your children were suffering, you would invest all the resources you could into caring for them. Why not offer yourself that same love? How you feel about yourself and your relationship with your children is the most important factor in their current and future happiness. It’s worth it to make an investment in the long-term well-being of your family

No other parents I know have to go to therapy. Why am I the only one who can’t handle it?

Although it may seem as though other parents have it all together, every family has their own private struggles. Parenting is challenging, and there is no instruction book. And, because therapy is completely confidential, it is possible that many parents you know are attending therapy. Seeking skilled, empathetic support for yourself is the best thing you can do for your children, and there is nothing wrong with reaching out for help.

It Is Possible to Create a Harmonious Family

You don´t have to do it alone. The skilled therapists at Eddins Counseling Group can help you become the parent you most want to be. We invite you to call us at 832-559-2622 to learn more about therapy for parents and our practice.

Motherhood Support Group

Mothers in particular may find the demands and expectations of parenting overwhelming. Women can also have the tendency to do more for others than for themselves or find it difficult to balance the demands of parenting with self-care. Our Motherhood Support Group is an excellent way to reconnect with yourself and others mothers to create the community and support you need to flourish.

Parenting Skills Support Group

We offer a positive parenting skills group for parents of children in specific age brackets (ie., young children, 3-10, middle school and teens).  Our parenting skills group focuses on specific parenting challenges and strategies appropriate for the age of your child.

In 10 weeks, you will learn skills and strategies to help you:

  • Be more attuned to your child’s emotional needs and developmental changes
  • Help your child develop self-control and regulate their emotions
  • Effectively discipline & limit inappropriate behavior
  • Communicate more effectively with your child
  • Feel closer and more connected to your child

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