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Are You Worried About the Wellbeing of Your Child and Family?

If you’re a parent who feels stuck and lost, there is hope!

Has your family recently experienced a significant change or transition, such as a move, the death of a loved one, the arrival of a new child, a divorce or a newly blended family? Or, has your child entered a new life stage, such as starting kindergarten or entering high school, and you feel as though your parenting skills are no longer working? Perhaps you’ve notice a troubling change in your child or teen’s behavior, and you don’t know why he or she is withdrawing, acting out, neglecting responsibilities or talking back. Maybe your child seems angry, sullen, sad or on edge, and nothing you do or say seems to help. It may be that your child is struggling in school and you’re unsure how to help him or her navigate academic issues and social concerns. You and your co-parent might disagree about the best way to deal with conflict, support your child and establish harmony in your home.

In-Person & Online/Video Therapy Options Available

The stress that often comes with change can impact the whole family, making both kids and parents feel confused, tense and overwhelmed. The good news is that you don’t have to try to navigate family issues on your own. The therapists at Eddins Counseling Group specialize in helping families every step of the way and can provide you and your family with education, resources, guidance and support. We offer services to support your family through every life stage, and can help you, your co-parent, your child or your teen through whatever challenges you are facing today.

Family Counseling Services Houston, TX

Child Counseling: One of our skill child therapists can work with your child one-on-one to help him or her better understand emotions and discover new, healthy ways to express difficult feelings. Your child’s therapist can also help you better understand what your child is going through and effectively manage behavioral and/or emotional issues. We work with children who are verbal, ages 3 and above.

Teen Counseling: Your teen can build healthy self-esteem and develop effective coping skills that he or she can use to navigate challenges today and throughout his or her life. And, you can learn new ways to communicate with your teen, approach difficult topics and build trust and peace in your home.

Parenting Issues: No parent is handed the guidebook on how to be a perfect parent, and we all  need advice and guidance sometimes. No matter how old your child is, our counselors can help resolve conflicts with your co-parent, work through fears and worries and feel confident in your parenting skills.

Family Therapy: You can bring the family together to develop healthy communication skills, better understand one another, smoothly navigate life transitions and identify sustainable ways to resolve conflict and work as a unified team. Family therapy can also be a support for a struggling child or teen.

Group Therapy Services

Group Therapy Services for Children & Parents

We also offer several groups to support children, teens and parents. Contact us to learn more.

Motherhood Support Group

Mothers in particular may find the demands and expectations of parenting overwhelming. Women can also have the tendency to do more for others than for themselves or find it difficult to balance the demands of parenting with self-care. Our Motherhood Support Group is an excellent way to reconnect with yourself and others mothers to create the community and support you need to flourish.

Parenting Skills Support Group

If you have a young child ages 3-10, our parent support group may be helpful for you. This group utilizes an evidence-based parent education program that helps parents build stronger relationships with their children.

In 10 weeks, you will learn skills and strategies to help you:

  • Be more attuned to your child’s emotional needs and developmental changes
  • Help your child develop self-control and regulate their emotions
  • Effectively discipline & limit inappropriate behavior
  • Communicate more effectively with your child
  • Feel closer and more connected to your child

Middle School Students Therapy Group

Research shows that group counseling during this critical period increases a child’s social and academic competence, and helps them develop coping skills to use for all life’s challenges.

This group is for middle school students ages 11-13 to help in easing the internal and external stressors associated with adolescent personal growth and development.

Teen DBT Skills Group

DBT Therapy will help your teen:

  • Regulate emotions so they can respond instead of react to situations
  • Communicate more effectively with parents and others so they will feel more supported, heard, and less judged
  • Recognize avoidance behaviors, such as self-harm and substance abuse, as not being a helpful or effective solution, and consciously manage those behaviors while utilizing healthier coping strategies
  • Be happy, even under the many stresses of teenage life

Family Therapy Houston TX

You Can Create Harmony in Your Family

At Eddins Counseling Group, we understand how hard parenting can be, especially when your family is going through a challenging time. We are dedicated to offering compassionate support and guidance, as well as practical tools and strategies you can use to restore balance and care in your family. From childhood to parenthood, we’re here for you.

Family Counseling Services Houston, TX

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Counseling, Teen Counseling, Parenting Issues and Family Therapy

How is family therapy different from individual therapy?

Individual therapy focuses on the patterns, experiences, behaviors and feelings of just one person. Family therapy takes a look at the environment that person lives in and seeks to understand how all factors at play within an environment influence behavior. Your therapist will look at your whole family system—how everyone responds and reacts to one another—to understand where issues are arising. Once everyone has an idea of what the core issues are, your therapist can help your family work together to improve communication, renegotiate rules or roles and better address the needs of all family members.

What’s expected of parents in sessions?

Our therapists will work one-on-one with your child or teen. However, we also know how important it is to engage the whole family, so some sessions will involve parents and, when appropriate, other family members. By working with your child or teen in sessions, you can practice important skills to continue offering support and building a healthy relationship at home.

Will I know what my child or teen is sharing with you?

We work to facilitate open communication between parent and child as well as create a dialogue and conversation within the family. It’s our goal to help your child or teen develop the skills he or she needs to express worries, pains, fears and hopes directly to you. When you join us for sessions, you and your child can talk in a safe, calm space.

My child or teen is the problem. Why do we all have to go to family therapy?

african american father walking his child to the lake

No one person in a family is “the problem.” Rather, the problem is the problem. For example, if a teen is talking back or ignoring rules, those actions are the problem, not the teen as a person. And, those actions might be responses or reactions to things happening within the family system. Your therapist will not assign blame or judgment. Instead, she will work with you to identify and resolve the deeper issues underlying conflict and discord in the entire family.

My child or teen is struggling with school or social issues outside the home. Is it still important to involve the family?

Yes. By participating in your child’s care, you can learn strategies to help reinforce structure, social skills and appropriate behaviors at home. You can also learn new ways to support your child through academic and social challenges and foster a positive environment for learning.

How can we find sessions that fit the whole family’s schedule?

Most of our family, teen and child therapists offer afternoon, evening and weekend sessions so you can attend therapy without missing work or school. Let us know your needs, and we will do our best to accommodate your family’s schedule.

What age range do you work with?

We work with clients aged 2 and older, including families with adult children.

Parenting, Family, Child and Teen Therapy

You Can Bring Your Family Together

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