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In Person & Online/Video Therapy Options Available

counseling services in houston, txWe all need help from time to time. Whether you find yourself repeating harmful patterns that are difficult to break, struggling with a critical voice in your head that never lets up, feeling disconnected and unsatisfied in relationships, going through a career or life transition, feeling stuck, or tired of struggling with symptoms such as anxiety or depression, counseling can help you move forward. A counselor can offer practical assistance, support, compassion, a different perspective, new strategies, and coping skills so that you can make deep and lasting changes in your life. Our counselors each pursue specialized training so that they are experts in their area of expertise. Our counseling services serve a diverse range of needs for the whole family. Each therapist is trained in one or more specialty areas to ensure that they understand how to help you with your unique concerns.

We believe in your ability to transform yourself and your life situation for lasting positive change.

Regardless of your life situation or experiences, you were born with unique potential and the capacity to grow, heal and change. Our purpose is to help you know your own unique worth at a deep level, to cultivate your potential and activate your inner resiliency, to provide skills for getting unstuck, coping with symptoms such as anxiety and depression, and to help you live according to your core values and needs.

Sometimes lack of awareness and feelings of fear, powerlessness, isolation, not belonging, inadequacy, or unworthiness get in the way. But, these emotions don’t have to control you or hold you back. You have the power to move forward. A counselor can help you develop the self-compassion and self-acceptance necessary to embrace your inner resources and overcome obstacles in your way. Practically, we like to help you identify and build skills to serve you in the long run. Life is stressful and chances are, things will come up again and again. Our goal is to help you build a solid foundation of skills and resources you can use as you encounter additional stressors throughout your life.

Through open and honest communication and exploration, you can unlock your ability to lead an authentic, courageous, and joyful life. Let us help you find your strengths within, build skills, and move toward a life you’d love to live.

In Person & Online/Video Therapy Options Available

Imagine a life…houston counseling services

  • Where you are CONFIDENT and comfortable in your own skin
  • Where you believe you are good enough, deserving, and worthy
  • With fulfilling and supportive relationships
  • With greater peace and mental clarity
  • With peace and ability to resolve conflict in your family
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 Our Counselors Have Specialized Training and Can Help You With:

  • Adult ADD/ADHD – build skills to manage ADD symptoms, help your child cope with ADHD
  • Anxiety – overcome fears, social anxiety, OCD, panic or PTSD, resolve negative self-talk, and feel secure within
  • Binge eating – understand and manage your food cravings
  • Career change – find out if a career change is right for you and get help with the transition
  • Career choice – find a meaningful career direction
  • Child and Family Counseling – help you child develop coping skills and new behaviors
  • Chronic Illness – find positive and effective ways to cope with chronic illness
  • Couples Counseling – restore connection with your partner
  • Depression – improve your mood, energy level, self-talk, motivation, and outlook on life
  • Eating disorders – stop struggling with food and weight obsessions
  • EMDR therapy – heal painful memories, emotions and experiences
  • Emotional eating – find ways to meet your needs without the use of food
  • Grief and loss – cope with your loss and move through the grief process
  • Infertility and Adoption Counseling – cope with infertility and receive guidance and support for your family
  • LGBTQ concerns – find support and understanding with uniquely LGBTQ issues
  • Multicultural counseling – honor your identity and find confidence in accepting and expressing all of who you are.
  • Online Therapy – get help in the comfort of your home or office
  • Parenting & motherhood support – build skills and cope with the challenges of parenting
  • Pregnancy & Postpartum Counseling – cope with depression or anxiety in pregnancy or after you have had a baby
  • Relationships – attract a partner, enhance communication, and restore connection
  • Low self-esteem – put an end to perfectionism or self-criticism and find self-acceptance
  • Stress management – cope with overwhelm and life transitions
  • Therapy for teenagers – therapy for teens and coaching for parents
  • Trauma – heal trauma and post-traumatic stress
  • Women’s issues – infertility counseling, postpartum depression, aging, career issues
  • Work life balance coaching – create balance between meaningful work and life values

What Clients Are Saying

“Thank you for walking with me through some of the most challenging and sometimes dark days of my life. In the beginning, our sessions felt like a life line, a safe harbor, a place to be myself. Soon, I began to feel like a kid on a training bike, and now I feel like I’m riding on my own. It’s really scary sometimes, but its okay.. and somedays I feel the sense of freedom I’ve been longing for – right where I am. Thank you for your listening and your patience. Thank you for your questions and your guidance. I’m truly grateful.”  – eating disorder recovered client

“Your guidance and support has made a huge impact on the way I now feel about myself, and has helped me discover who I am and what I was always meant to do with my talent. For the first time in my life, I am really proud of myself. Feeling better about myself made me a braver person. I know now that whatever may happen, I will be okay.” – relationship and career counseling

“You are awesome at what you do. Thank you so much for caring and seeing me through such difficult times. I will always remember you.” – depression recovered client

“My therapy experience was incredible. From the moment I started working with Joan, I was impressed with her skills in pointing out behavior patterns and gently suggesting alternate forms of communication. My relationship is now out of the ICU and is now “stable,” and I am much less anxious and depressed.” – anxiety, relationship issues

“I am on a road of healing and growth after several years of post-college flailing. Her incredible empathy, insight, candidness, and easy manner helped me learn from my past to discover my goals for the future. She has supported me in many ways, from overcoming shame to developing action plans for change. I am moving forward, both personally and professionally, with confidence and hope. I am so very thankful for her!” – anxiety, depression

“Rachel’s style is engaging and direct. She didn’t waste any time getting started and I feel like every minute has been purposeful. I feel supported and challenged to do the hard work required to make change in my life.” – eating and weight issues

“Therapy has provided me with a “safe and honest” realm – a safe place where I can reveal myself deeply and honestly. This is not easy for at times, but it is something that I am gradually incorporating into my daily life. Therapy is a treasure box of healthy living. I highly recommend it.” -anxiety and stress management

“Working with my therapist I learned things about myself and I saw things from a different angle. I feel capable and strong and my anxiety is not this horrible monster I fear like the plague. I can face it now.” -anxiety

“Joan really helped me to develop as a young adult. It’s trying times – figuring out who you are. Everyone around you is advising with the best of intentions, but Joan helped me see that those views are valid based on their experiences and desires, but that my desires may not align. And I may not have the same experiences. It was very liberating. I feel like I have progressed in building ME since then. Joan really believed in me. That meant (and still means) a lot.”