Are Career Choices Making You Feel Stuck?

Career Counseling Services Can Help You Find the Direction and Confidence You Need in Your Career. We offer career counseling in Houston & online using phone or videoconferencing.

Choosing the right job can be a difficult task. If you’re in college, you might worry about declaring a major, landing a high-paying job, or figuring out who you want to be in the world. Perhaps you feel pressured to make a decision. Maybe you’ve just been laid off or have decided to re-enter the working world after some time away. You might feel lost, unsure of your qualifications, or nervous about embarking on a job hunt again.

“What a big impact you have had on my life – thank you! Your kind words, positive outlook, and guidance have lifted my spirits and given me hope. Just a month ago I was lost, but now with the tools you have given me I feel that I will be able to make a career choice to fulfill the needs of my family and myself. Thank you for everything!” – career direction

Or, you might feel unmotivated in your current job. Perhaps you spend your work week stressed, exhausted, or unsatisfied by your tasks. You might look forward to the weekends and vacations and dread every Monday. Although you know you’re not happy, you may fear making a big change and risking your security. Perhaps you worry that you don’t have any valuable skills. What if you can’t find something better? Is there a job out there that will make you happy, fulfilled, and excited?


Finding the Right Career Can Feel Overwhelming

Many people feel anxious about their career choices. No one wants to spend their days in a job that makes them miserable. Even if a job is “okay” or “fine,” feeling unfulfilled or bored can drain energy and enthusiasm for life. Whether they are just entering the working world, in the middle of a career or life transition, or have been in their job for decades, most people want a job that utilizes their skills and makes them proud of what they do each day. Sometimes, you may feel as though there is no such job for you. But everyone has a path, and we can help you find yours.

“Wow, I really appreciate your career guidance because I was so lost.  I wasn’t sure what direction to take and all the online resources vary from author to author.   Thank you so much for all of your help!”

You Can Develop the Confidence to Move Forward

At Eddins Counseling Group, we believe there is a satisfying, fulfilling career for everyone. As a removed and experienced third party, your career counselor can help you clarify your priorities, desires, and goals. You can identify and focus on your core values, strengths, and skills and explore your career possibilities. Read more about our counseling process here. 

“I came to you several months back looking to make a career change because of unhappiness with the job I was working in the oil and gas industry. Your guidance and assessments really helped me get focused and thinking about other career opportunities. I pursued the certification courses we discussed and am now already working in my new career. I am so happy with my career change and look forward to a fun and exciting new career. Thanks again for your help. I truly appreciate the time you spent with me and the genuine concern you expressed in helping me find a new career.” SF – mid life career changer

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Career Coaching Can Help You Build Confidence

In sessions, you can also build the confidence and courage you need to pursue your goals. Your counselor can help you develop the tools needed to feel empowered as you seek out your ideal career path. Everyone has unique skills. In fact, because the things you excel at come easily to you, you may not realize that you have a talent for public speaking, design, time management, wood working, etc. Once you and your counselor have identified your core strengths, you can develop a better understanding of your unique job qualifications.

“Joan really understands where I’m coming from. She provides constructive “direction” when needed. Was able to be appropriately pro-active in improving compensation – it worked!” R.S. – career advancement

Our Counselors Have Real-World Experience

Each counselor at Eddins Counseling Group has worked in careers outside of counseling. We have real-world job finding skills and know what employers look for in a student or job applicant. And, we know what you are going through. We know the anxiety and stress that can come with a career transition, and we have experienced the light at the end of the tunnel. Because each of our career counselors are trained therapists, we also have a unique insight and understanding into the mental, emotional, and physical challenges of a career transition. Your counselor can teach you stress management tools before your big interview, or help you develop techniques to manage fear and build confidence to pursue what you really want in your career.

“Joan’s guidance and ability to help me figure things out on my own have helped me immensely. As a result of working with her: I have a new outlook on life in general– I’m happier; I’ve been able to work through several issues that have been hindering me from figuring out what I want to do career-wise.” S.C. – career direction

With our unique qualifications, we can help you come up with a plan and effectively put it into action. We value the big picture as well as the action steps necessary to make a career change happen. Your career counselor can help you put your personality, interests, values, skills, and strengths together so you can feel confident to pursue the most fulfilling job and a satisfying life. Although you may believe career counseling can help you find your ideal job, you may still have questions or concerns…

I’m Worried About the Cost of Career Services

If you are between careers or are contemplating quitting a job, it’s normal to worry about expenses. However, career counseling is a long-term investment in your future. Consider how much time and money you might spend on switching college majors or moving from unfulfilling job to job. And, if you are miserable in your current career, you may not want to waste anymore years there. You career counselor can save you hours of job-hunting, tuition cost of changing majors, help you find a better career, and help you learn to negotiate a salary so you can make more money in the future. Career counseling is worth the investment. If you itemize your deductions, career counseling can even be part of your job search expenses on your taxes.

I’m Afraid to Leave the Security of My Current Job

Many people worry about making a big career change. However, if your job is truly making you unhappy, a change may be necessary for your long-term well-being. Work stress and discontent impact so many aspects of your life and can lead to tense relationships, financial worry, and even diminished physical health. One the one hand, you may feel you are in your comfort zone. But, if you take a step back and really examine your life, you may find your current job is not making your life comfortable at all. You and your career counselor can develop a slow, step-by-step plan to help you make a gradual transition between jobs. You don’t have to make any huge leaps. As you put your plan into action, you can stop allowing fear to limit your dreams and begin to live in service of your values. Through career counseling in Houston, you can find a satisfying job in your area.

I Don’t Have Any Experience or Skills

You might worry that you are just not qualified for the type of career that you want. In sessions, your career counselor can help you identify your core strengths and your transferable skills. If you need specific experience, education or training to qualify for a job, your career counselor can show you opportunities to learn new skills or receive appropriate certifications. By examining your resume, looking at your life experience, and identifying what is relevant to your dream career, we can help you see yourself in a fresh, more positive way. Many of our clients don’t see all the strengths they actually do bring to the table because we tend to take what comes easy to us for granted.

“Joan helped me find a great new direction for my career and also to finally begin my journey to self-acceptance and confidence. Joan is the best! I recommend her to all of my friends who are going through career troubles like I did!” -career direction

Career Counseling Services in Houston or Online

Regardless of your schedule and location, our services can help you plan for your future. Our services are available face to face, via phone or secure video conferencing for your convenience. Specify your preference when scheduling your appointment.

You Can Find a Satisfying, Fulfilling Career

If you are unhappy in your job or unsure of how to start, we can help. Your career is a large part of your life. You don’t need to spend years feeling lost, unmotivated, and unfulfilled. There is a path for you.

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