Need a Career Change? Are You in Career Transition? 

  • Have you decided that career success does not mean job burnout, unhealthy stress, being away from the things and people you love, not having time for yourself and your needs, and not being passionate about your work?
  • Have you found yourself pigeonholed in a role that doesn’t use your best strengths and leaves you dreading your job?
  • Are you undergoing a forced transition and now have the opportunity to consider what you REALLY want to do with your life?
  • Are you re-entering the workforce after a prolonged absence?

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Making life changing career decisions takes courage and may ask you to face your greatest fears. There are many factors to consider from your family, your finances, to your own fears of failure. It can certainly be much easier to stay in your comfort zone, though in the long-run this can lead to issues beyond career unhappiness. Career dissatisfaction can impact your health, your relationships, and your self-esteem. The benefits of reinventing yourself can bring fulfillment and a life of greater joy and satisfaction. You deserve nothing less.

Reinventing Yourself Through Career Change Coaching

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Improve the quality of your career and your life.

At Eddins Counseling Group in Houston, Tx we are dedicated to helping you improve not just your success at work, but the quality and success of your entire life. Working with a career change coach involves looking at your life as a whole to identify what combination of experiences could bring you satisfaction. Finding fulfillment through a career change looks different for everyone. For some, it might simply mean switching roles or industries, or wearing multiple hats to fulfill a variety of interests while for others it might mean a combination of meaningful work and leisure activities. Ultimately, it involves finding a customized career solution that is meaningful and fulfilling to you given the realities of your career and life situation.

There is no quick fix when it comes to making a successful career change. To reinvent yourself and create something that is more meaningful, more satisfying, or more rewarding to you, you will want to invest quality time. You might talk to friends and colleagues to gather information, try out ideas, or explore additional opportunities. A career coach can help guide you through this process, discovering new realties about yourself and establishing goals to keep you moving forward.

“Joan is a kind, wise, good listener. She was able to provide me good direction in my career.” -career direction

Going through a career change is a time of transition. You are most likely here because something else is ending, whether it is a job or role that is simply no longer working for you, or it is a life changing event. Typically, this is followed by a sense of confusion. This is when it can be most important to step back, tune in to your inner wisdom and identify what you really want vs. jumping forward and making quick decisions. While the confusion is difficult and frustrating, we know, we’ve been there, in the long run this is a real opportunity to invest in your future. Though you might not see it now, there are opportunities available to you. A career coach can help you find clarity amongst the confusion and be an ally as you move through career transition.

How Does Career Change Coaching Work?

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How Will You Reinvent Yourself?

Each person comes to a career transition for different reasons. Typically, the career coaching process involves discovering answers to the following questions: who am I, what do I want, where am I going, and how do I get there?

“I came to you several months back looking to make a career change because of unhappiness with the job I was working in the oil and gas industry. Your guidance and assessments really helped me get focused and thinking about other career opportunities. I pursued the certification courses we discussed and am now already working in my new career. I am so happy with my career change and look forward to a fun and exciting new career. Thanks again for your help. I truly appreciate the time you spent with me and the genuine concern you expressed in helping me find a new career.” SF – mid life career changer

Another aspect of the coaching process is evaluating how you do what you do. This includes adapting to change, knowing what motivates you, performing at your best, communicating assertively, resolving conflict effectively, decision-making, and taking responsibility for choices you can control.

Career change coaching also involves recognizing when you’re stuck and identifying what’s getting in your way. As we embark on a path of change in our lives, it’s normal to experience stress, anxiety, or fears. These can  show up in a variety of ways such as procrastination, distraction, or otherwise avoiding action steps towards your goals. As trained therapists and career counselors, we understand how to work with your fears and establish meaningful goals while helping you move forward.

“Rachel is so warm, caring and knowledgeable. My life has changed in so many ways working with her.” -career changer

To get started on your own, you can begin by looking to your past as a way of identifying clues for your future. Start a journal or notebook where you can explore your career change process. Answer some of the following questions to begin your exploration:

  • Review your career/life experiences and write about times you did something well, were proud of what you did and enjoyed doing it (experiences that meet all three criteria!).
  • What do you want more of in your life/career? What do you want less of?
  • Write about what you liked about each role you’ve had, what you didn’t like, then what you would prefer instead (make columns).
  • List experiences, memories, achievements, etc that you enjoyed and gave you energy and pride.

While the questions might seem basic, the answers can be very powerful in recognizing some significant patterns that can lead to a meaningful career change. Don’t censor any of your responses or rule out experiences at home or volunteering because “they don’t count.” Everything is significant. A trained career coach can help you translate your responses into a career change.

For additional self-exploration, download our career guide: 7 steps to making career changes:

Bring (or email) the information you have to your initial appointment. We are available to meet face to face in Houston, Tx or online via phone or videoconferencing.

How to Get Started with Coaching

Changing a career in mid-life can be challenging regardless of the reason. Let us help you think through your options objectively, pinpoint your strengths, skills and values, and develop a plan for making a smooth transition to a more meaningful and satisfying career.

If you need a change of career and want some help in the process, contact a career change coach to get started. Contact us in Houston, Tx at 832-559-2622 or schedule an appointment with a career coach online.