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A personality test can help you identify your strengths.

A career skills and personality test for career direction can help you identify your personality strengths and areas of interest if you aren’t clear about them. Studies show that people happiest with their jobs are those doing something they love and that comes naturally to them (natural gifts or strengths).

A career assessment and personality test is a great tool for gaining insight about yourself. You may see patterns emerging or find some clues to follow. You may also discover both personal and career insights and possibilities you had never before imagined.

But remember, these personality tests are just part of the total self assessment process. It’s unlikely that you’ll suddenly discover your ideal career from taking a career test although it can be a great start in narrowing things down. The assessment process is enhanced by working with one of our trained career counselors, bringing out additional information from the data and working with you to create a journey that is specifically tailored to you.

In-Person & Online/Video Therapy Options Available

A Career Assessment & Personality Test Can Assist You in Discovering:

    • Career fields of interest to you
    • Your personality strengths and preferences
    • Your motivated skills
    • Your work and life values (job security, time for family life, appreciation of contributions)
    • Your goals (the vision and purpose of your career and personal life)
    • Your non-negotiable needs
    • Your college major

Assessments selected are based on years of research and some of the most widely used in career planning. Results will be interpreted in a way that is meaningful to you in pursuing your career goals.

Our Approach to Career and Personality Assessments

myers briggs test houston

You have your own unique strengths.

Our approach to using career testing in the career counseling process is not a one-size fits all approach. Your career path is unique, just as your life experience, skills, strengths and personality is unique. When you work with one of our career counselors, we will help you find language to understand your strengths, skills and personality. We will also help you pinpoint careers that might be a good fit for you. However, we do this through a combination of the career assessment data and our interview with you.

Our career counselors have years of experience and understand the nuances evident in your experience as well as the career testing information. We know how to put this together in a way that is meaningful and specific for you. Each career assessment report may provide you with you a list of potential career options that on their own may or may not be relevant for you. However, through a customized, guided exploration with an experienced career counselor, we can help point you in the direction of careers that might be a better fit for you. We go beyond identifying careers to help you really understand which factors provide meaning and satisfaction in your career and to identify ways to obtain them. Your career assessment results can be useful for career choice, career change and career management and progression.

Career and Personality Assessments with Personalized Career Counseling

Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality testcareer interest inventory

Strong Interest Inventory and MBTI® Step I Combined Career and Personality Report, $100 plus cost for career counseling appointments. Strong Interest Inventory and MBTI® Step II Combined Career and Personality Report, $125 plus cost for career counseling appointments.

Integrated Personality and Career Interest Assessments Providing In-depth Career Direction and Relevant Occupations

The Strong and MBTI® Career Report provides you with a complete career development picture based on a combined interpretation of your interests and personality. It integrates in-depth information from both assessments to offer career direction and identify relevant occupations, with emphasis on those suggested by both instruments. This report along with your MBTI profile is offered in conjunction with career counseling. Your career counselor will validate and clarify what the results mean personally for you and will explain how to incorporate that knowledge to achieve your personal and career goals. Results will be provided during scheduled appointment time and you can expect a minimum of two sessions to review the results of both assessments.

 Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality test

MBTI® Enhanced Personality Profile and Coaching Interpretation, $75.00 plus counseling appointment cost.
Work Relationships, Couples Communication, Decision-Making, Conflict Management, In-depth Profile 

This in-depth personality test profile includes four areas of personal development: communication, change management, decision-making and conflict management and proposes strategies to operate more effectively. This is the most comprehensive MBTI report. It explains your psychological type in detail. Your counselor will validate and clarify what the results mean personally for you and will explain how to incorporate that knowledge to achieve your personal, relationship, and career goals. Results will be provided during scheduled appointment time. For couples communication, expect two sessions with both partners present; must purchase two assessments.

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We Offer the Following ONLINE Career Assessment and Personality Tests:

(Note: the online career assessments are NOT for use in conjunction with your career counseling appointment. Please see the top two assessments on this page for your appointment).

Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality test

MBTI® Complete Instant Online Report, $79.95
Personality Test & Type Profile, How You Interact With Others, Your Type at Work

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test helps you identify your personality type, how you interact with others, your strengths, and areas for growth. Useful both personally, professionally and to enhance relationship communication. Online report with interactive interpretation.

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career interest inventory

iStartStrong Online Interactive Report for Students & Young Adults, $59.95
Career Interest Inventory and Link to Career Fields for Students and Young Adults

Interactive, online report for students and young adults to help identify a college major or career path. The personalized report shows how one’s interests and themes link to various jobs, work settings, and career fields.

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For additional self-exploration, download our career guide: 7 steps to making career changes: