February 20, 2022

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houston job search support groups and career resources

Conducting a Job Search?

  • Can you communicate your unique strengths confidently to others?
  • Are you prepared for a behavior-based interview?
  • Are you tired of rejection in your job search?
  • Are you feeling stuck or unmotivated?

A career coach can help guide you through the job search process, help you maintain focus and stay on track towards your goals, and communicate your value effectively to potential employers. Working with a job search coach can help you stay accountable and find a job faster.

Whether you are coping with job loss, starting new again, or simply ready to find something different, a job coach can collaborate with you to develop a job search strategy and will support you through each step of the process.

The following list of resources can help you at any stage of your job search.

The Reality of the Job Market

More than 70% of jobs are never advertised. Relying on the job ads is one of the least effective ways to get work. You need to know what you really want and are suited to so that you can then implement a creative multi-strategy job search plan.

The job search process can be a very frustrating and disorienting experience. Many people feel helpless, afraid, or angry about looking for a job in the first place. You’re not alone. You can get your career back on track. You may need to step out of your comfort zone, but that is where job search help can be beneficial.

Regardless of the job market, it’s important for you to be clear on the type of work you would love to do and the ideal work situation for you. Your clarity and focus will come through in the job search and employers will respond and see you as the ideal fit for the position.

Before you begin your job search, you will need to know:

  1. What is my career objective (as specific as possible)?
  2. What can I uniquely offer a potential employer?

If you do not have the answer to these 2 questions, you are not ready for the job search. The job search is a way to find a place where you can begin to thrive. It can feel scary and you might doubt that it is out there, but have faith. Even if you don’t find the best fit right away, you can get one step closer to your goal through your next decision.

Candidates who are well-prepared and present themselves as an ideal fit can get job offers over more experienced candidates. You don’t necessarily have to have the highest qualifications, so don’t rule yourself out. Stay focused on your goals and work with a job coach to have an outside perspective of what is possible and how to get there.

Developing a Job Search Strategy

Here are some strategies that you might find useful as you embark on the job search process.

This list may seem overwhelming, so just start with the first point and identify one small way you can implement that in your day to day and proceed with the next. Some may not apply to you so skip to the next. However, you also don’t want to underestimate the value each step can provide.

A career coach can work with you each step of the way and help better prepare you to land your next position or career move.

Steps to Follow in Your Job Search

  • Start with your mind-set; believe that you can and will find the right job for you.
  • Do the inside work first, i.e., who are you, what are your strengths, what is your objective and what do you have to offer? Get clear on your ideal work situation. Be open to areas outside your industry or that you haven’t considered before.
  • Get support and take good care of yourself (get plenty of rest, exercise, eat well, engage in your hobbies, and talk to someone about the emotions you’re experiencing). Consider getting job search help as a way to balance the stress of the process and have an objective perspective keeping you on track.
  • Stay engaged, involved and active in your industry.
  • Seek certifications or additional training to upgrade your skills and knowledge.
  • Research your industry and know what is going on in the market.
  • Connect with people on a regular basis and expand your relationships. Develop a short introduction that explains to others who you are and what you are looking for.
  • Leverage technology; use social networking tools such as LinkedIn (many employers search here first), blogs, career portals, and virtual job fairs.
  • Update your resume (but don’t get stuck on this!)
  • Prepare a compelling, unique cover letter.
  • Consider temporary, contract or part-time positions. Volunteer, intern, or take on a consulting contract.
  • Practice interviewing skills. Your job coach can perform mock interviews with you. Read our job interview advice.
  • Develop and practice salary negotiating skills and negotiate any offers presented to you.
  • Watch your attitude. It can get disappointing, frustrating and even feel hopeless at times. You don’t want to come off as negative to others as they’ll turn away from you and most importantly, you don’t want to give up hope for yourself. We have worked with numerous clients who were feeling frustrated down and disappointed only later to feel happier as their new path opened up better opportunities or life situations.

Career Coaching Can Help You:

  • Identify your job search objective and go after the job you really want
  • Know your unique gifts, accomplishments, competencies, and skills
  • Cope with job loss and conduct a job search after job loss
  • Identify career options that may be overlooked
  • Build self-confidence and motivation in your job search
  • Develop clear messages to communicate your value to others who can help
  • Create an accomplishment-based resume
  • Write an effective cover letter
  • Practice and prepare for interviews
  • Identify which companies, industry areas or clients need your unique skill set
  • Organize and plan an effective job search
  • Convey your value to potential employers
  • Communicate your strengths without having to “schmooze”
  • Create opportunities for yourself vs. waiting for vacancies to open up
  • Discover how to utilize the hidden job market to find a job fast
  • Overcome feelings of fear and anxiety about your career
  • Deal with procrastination in your job search
  • Prepare for salary and benefits negotiation

No-Cost Job Search and Career Support Groups in Houston

Throughout the Greater Houston area, job search support and networking groups provide opportunities for networking, job search assistance, and emotional support during transition. Many often sponsor career fairs.

Each group may have a different format, but most offer job search resources including job search skills coaching, resume writing and reviewinterview skills, workshops and presentations, job search support group and networking meetings, or career fairs. Meeting times and contact information are listed.


Houston Career Resources 

Career Planning

  • National Career Development Association – These links include many resources, services, and tools which assist users in exploring careers, planning for the future, searching for employment, and finding the additional training necessary to pursue a dream
  • Women for Hire – Includes work from home career information for women

Preparing for the Job Search:

Resume Writing

Job Search Guidance

Exploring Occupations – Researching Careers:

These resources can help you research job titles, career paths and their projected demand in the future.

Use the Career-Decision-Making-Matrix tool to help narrow down your career options as you research each one.

Education and Training:

Organization & Job Research

Online Job Listings

  • Indeed Jobs – Search the internet at one time for vacancies

Company Research:

Salary Information:



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