Embrace a Fresh Start: 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

Now that spring has arrived in Houston, a deep cleaning is a great way to embrace a fresh start in life. A good sweep-out is not only good for your physical space, but it’s healthy for your mental space too.

If you’re like most people then your life can feel cluttered or bogged down at times. Just like many people complete a spring cleaning to overhaul their homes, you can also do that for your life. With a few deliberate changes to your life, you can spring clean your life and embrace a fresh start. Here are five ways to get you started.

Flowers Reach toward the Sun1. Declutter Your Mind by Decluttering Your Space 

It’s not uncommon for your mind to follow in the footsteps of your environment. What this means is that if you live in a cluttered home then there’s a good chance you’ll feel cluttered in your mind, as well.

So, to defeat this crowded feeling, make the effort to declutter your living space. Just like a traditional spring cleaning, throw out the stuff you don’t need, use, or want.

In doing this, you will allow your mind to be clear of frustrating clutter.

2. Complete a Relationship Inventory

Relationships can often be thought of in terms of books. Meaning, some relationships are only meant to be in a chapter of our lives while others last the whole book.

When it comes to embracing a fresh start in your life, remember to take stock in your relationships. It might be time to close the chapter on some of them.

Take a close look at the people you let influence you. Make sure those people are out for your good and not simply their own agenda.

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3. Adopt Sustainable Changes in Your Life

It’s not uncommon for the new year to motivate you to set big goals for your life. In setting these goals, you might be tempted to jump in with both feet or even to do a complete 180 turn-around.

The only problem with this approach is that most people can’t sustain it. You have a routine in your life for a reason and that reason is that it works for you.

If you want to embrace a fresh start in your life, try a gradual approach. For instance, rather than changing your entire diet, focus on making one healthy homemade meal per week. By doing this, you can establish small lifestyle changes by which you can ultimately reach your main goal.

4. Align Your Goals with Your Core Values

Often, we choose goals because of what other people think, not because those goals are necessarily what we want. It’s important to truly know yourself, then you can set goals that align with your core values. It’s only those types of deep-rooted, value-oriented goals that sustain you in the face of adversity.

To identify what your core goals are, ask yourself what is truly important to you. What do you really care about?

Once you’ve answered this question, adjust your aims.  Also, it might not be a bad idea to silence outside negative or heavy-handed input that might influence your self-assessment.

5. Set Yourself Up for Success

Much like establishing sustainable habits in your life, it’s also important to throw yourself a bone once in a while. One way to set yourself up for success is to make your new goals as easy as possible to fulfill.

For instance, if one of your goals is to drink more water then place an empty glass by your bathroom sink. First thing in the morning, you can fill your glass and drink up.

Making positive change can be difficult but these little reminders not only help you reach your goals, but they also help to establish those sustainable habits mentioned earlier.

Embrace a Fresh Start

If you’re ready to embrace a fresh start in your life, please contact one of our Houston counselors for help. You can view all our services online. To get started now give us a call to schedule an appointment at 832-559-2622 or schedule an appointment online. Together we can create a plan for you to reach your goals.

Rachel Eddins, M.Ed., LPC-S, CGP on Twitter
Rachel Eddins, M.Ed., LPC-S, CGP
Rachel’s passion is to help people discover their personal gifts and strengths to achieve self-acceptance, create a healthy relationship with food, mind and body, and find meaning and fulfillment in work and life roles. She helps people create nurturance and healing from within to restore balance and enoughness and overcome binge eating, emotional eating, anxiety, depression and lack of career fulfillment.

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