Positive Parenting Skills & Support Groups for Children of All Ages

parenting support group onlineA parenting skills and support group will offer a support network and process group for parents to connect and feel less alone on the island of parenting.

We are offering separate groups for children ages 3-6, 7-11, and 12+. Each group will focus on specific positive parenting strategies you can implement to support the behaviors you want to see at home developmentally appropriate for each age level.

For Parents of Littles, Age 3-6:

  • Are you a parent of a child who is between 3 – 6 years old?
  • Are you aware that your child is struggling emotionally or behaviorally?
  • Would you like your relationship to be less stressful and closer/more enjoyable?
  • Do you find yourself feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and at a loss for how to respond?
  • Are you tired of feeling your child is not listening to you?

Learn ways to decrease stress with your child in our parent group for ages 3-6.

Parenting Support for Ages 7-11

  • Is your child between the ages of 7-11?
  • Are the parenting strategies you have been using just not working anymore?
  • Are behavioral issues with your child becoming frustrating and you don’t where to turn for help?

With group support and a parenting specialist, you can learn the skills necessary to feel more connected with your child and able to handle the many challenges of being a parent for children ages 7-11. 

Positive Parenting for Teens: How to Strengthen and Improve the Foundation

  • Are you having a hard time communicating with your teen?
  • Do you feel disconnected/lost with your teen and not sure what to do?
  • Are you having a hard having open conversations with your teen about sex, drugs, friends, etc?

Joining our parenting group for teens will help you realize that you are not alone in your parenting struggles. This group will provide a space to connect with other parents, share ideas and challenges, without shame and judgment to talk about what is working and not working, successes and non-victories. 

Parenting Skills Support Groups Can Help You and Your Family 

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) is an evidence-based parent education program that helps parents build stronger relationships with their children. In 10 weeks, you will learn skills and strategies to help you:

  • Be more attuned to your child’s emotional needs and developmental changes
  • Help your child develop self-control and regulate their emotions
  • Effectively discipline & limit inappropriate behavior
  • Increase listening behaviors and positive responses
  • Communicate more effectively with your child
  • Feel closer and more connected to your child
  • Decrease stressful behaviors

Benefits of Parenting Support with CPRT Training

Parents of children with social, emotional or behavioral problems or challenges can often feel alone or frustrated and not know what to do. In this parent group, you will learn effective skills to help your child regardless of your child’s emotional, mental health or behavioral challenges.

A parenting skills group helps normalize your frustrations and challenges as others are learning and going through the same thing.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything and just don’t know what to do, learning new, effective parenting skills can help. 

Learning new ways of responding to your child can decrease stress and improve the overall tone in your home. Regardless of your child’s challenges, it can improve their listening skills, problem behaviors and emotional upsets.

Balance the joys and challenges of parenting to increase your moments of happiness and connection with your child.

A positive parent skills training program gives you practical skills you can apply at home effectively.

About the Parenting Support Group

Location: Virtual Online Video Meeting

Time: Mornings (TBD)

Facilitator: Sarah Argarwal, LPC- Associate is a child and parent specialist and will facilitate the groups for ages 3-6 and 7-11.

Marcie Dinkin, LSCW is a teen and parenting specialist and will facilitate the group for ages 12+.

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We would love to support you on your parenting journey in this upcoming group!

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