October 8, 2018

Feeling Stuck at Your Job? – What You Can Do to Advance at Work

Written by Rachel Eddins

People trying to advance at their work

You enjoy your work and are good at your job. Yet, at the same time, you feel stuck, feeling you have few opportunities to get ahead. Career advancement is important regardless of your field of work. After all, you want to continue to learn, grow, and keep things fresh. If you feel stalled at work, it doesn’t mean that you have to switch jobs or even careers. Instead, try to look at your work from a fresh perspective so that you can find opportunities to advance at work.


Know Your Company’s Objectives

One way to advance at work is demonstrating knowledge of your company’s objectives. Show that you are on-board 100% with what your organization is trying to accomplish.

For example, if you work at a toy store in Houston, that could mean being committed to serving your customers and creating joy for children. Or, in the case of a law firm, having a willingness to serve your clients as best you can.

Companies want people who are “bought-in” to the mission of their organizations. If you don’t have buy-in, then why should they be willing to promote you?

Your career values indicate the types of things that are meaningful to you, are important and should be a part of your career/life. Take this values quiz and assess yours.

Be Fluent in Your Job Responsibilities

Another way to advance is being fluent and knowledgeable in the role you have right now. In other words, you want to be the employee whom management recognizes as an “expert” in how to do the job right.

If you are new to your job, that means taking the time to gain that fluency. That way, when you do advance at work via promotion or new opportunities, everyone will recognize that you are the right fit because of your job fluency.
What you can do to advance at work

Find a Mentor/Be a Mentor

Seek out mentors within your organization who will be willing to guide you. This doesn’t have to be a supervisor, but it could also be colleagues with whom you work.

On the other hand, be willing to mentor other coworkers new to the job. Being a resource in your organization is helpful for your supervisors, too. That’s because they know that you are an employee who has the ability to improve the quality of not just individuals but the company as a whole.

Additionally, you will find that mentoring is not only personally rewarding, it also will help you earn the respect of your peers.

Do Your Job Better

Take some time and consider how to do your job better. There’s always room for improvement, whether you have been at your company for less than a year or for an entire career. Working on improving yourself also helps to keep things from getting stale and boring.

The idea is to show that you are not just there to punch a clock and get a paycheck. You are a professional who wants to not just advance at work personally but also see the company succeed as well.

Refine Your Skill Sets with Training

Is there an important training or credential necessary to advance in your field? Are there professional development opportunities available for you?

It’s important to keep refining your skills sets and knowledge base. This can be done through continuous training in-house, attending conferences, or even pursuing a certificate or degree.

When it comes to advancement you want to show that you not only have the work experience but the education and credentials as well. They can make the difference between getting a promotion or not.

Be a Good Person

Yes, the “Golden Rule” does apply to work as well! Treating others with respect and being professional is important regardless of where you work or with whom.

Although there is the stereotype that the business-person who is “cut-throat” gets to advance, it’s really those who treat others with respect and dignity that get the most notice.

Advance at Work with Help from a Therapist

If you feel stuck and want to advance at work, consider the above suggestions. Remember, though, there is no substitution for showing up on time and doing your best every day. Advancement will come. You just have to put in the effort. Or consider career counseling to better understand your work values and how to approach advancing at work. Contact us at 832-559-2622 or book an appointment online.

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