Quick Tips for Successful Career Networking

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Networking brings up fearful feelings for many job seekers. What exactly do we mean by career networking?


Essentially, networking is simply communicating with others and focusing on how you can help them.


Networking involves staying in touch with your contacts whether through online methods such as LinkedIn, social methods such as professional organization meetings or conferences or personal methods such as lunch or informal meetings. The key is to communicate.To focus on the relationship.


Ask others what is going on with them and offer what is going on for you. Ask or offer how you can help others first before you ask anything in return. Be an asset to others and you will be remembered. A career counselor can help you clarify your goals and practice effective communication strategies and techniques so you can feel confident and at ease.

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Here are Some Tips on How to Make the Most of Career Networking:

  1. Make it easy for people to help you – have your personal introduction prepared and offer specific ways HOW others can help you. Include something unique, personal, or interesting about yourself so others will remember you.
  2. Know your strengths.
  3. Network even when you think you don’t need to.
  4. Don’t wait for people to come to you. Be proactive.
  5. Be more persistent than you think you need to be.
  6. Don’t internalize rejection.
  7. Don’t speak negatively about anyone.
  8. Be friendly and down-to-earth.
  9. Be helpful to others even if there’s no obvious direct benefit to you. Here’s how you can help me, how can I help you?  Get known as an information clearinghouse, and thus a valuable resource for others.
  10. Stay in touch with people regularly. Occasionally call people just to say hello.
  11. Never leave home without business cards (or resumes).
  12. Sit next to strangers at events, not alone or just with people you know.
  13. Focus on names when you meet people.
  14. Learn and follow basic rules of business and social etiquette.
  15. Keep your goals in sight.
  16. It’s not “what you know” or “who you know”, but it is “who they know.” It takes patience – it takes time.
  17. It’s a learned skill – you are not a networking “type; practice often or try online networking such as LinkedIn.
  18. You have to believe. Networking works – up to 85% of people find their jobs through networking.
  19. You must be strategic – networking requires a strategy and plan: follow up and follow through.
  20. It requires diversity – don’t put all your eggs in a few baskets (need quantity of networking contacts and leads).
  21. Think creatively – don’t just make cold calls and say you’d like to network.
  22. Show integrity and reliability – honesty will be remembered.
  23. Take a break occasionally—don’t get overexposed.
  24. Keep a positive attitude!

Online Networking:

Try this website as a resource for online networking in addition to LinkedIn: www.brazencareerist.com.


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