Stressed at work? No one to talk to at the office who not only “gets it”, but can offer practical solutions?

Woman needing support in her career. Women in Careers is the support group you need!

Women face unique challenges in the workplace. The goal of this group is to encourage an open exchange of ideas and information between women in the workforce to promote career advancement, management skills, communication, and problem solving.

Join other like-minded women to discuss common challenges, get support and learn new skills to deal with:

  • Advancing your career
  • Workplace relationships
  • Managing up
  • Navigating promotions/raises
  • Communication skills
  • Gender issues/gender bias
  • The glass ceiling
  • Finding your career passion

This group is facilitated by Dr. Kimberly James and will meet ONCE MONTHLY on Saturday mornings from 9 – 10 am starting January 11, 2020 and then on the first Saturday of each month after that.

Invest in your career! Cost is $75 per session.

2020 Schedule: January 11, 2020, February 1, 2020, March 7, 2020, April 4, 2020, May 2, 2020, June 6, 2020, July 11, 2020, August 1, 2020. September 5, 2020, October 3, 2020. November 7, 2020, December 5, 2020.

Get Positive Support for Your Career from Like-Minded Professional Women

Discuss your concerns openly and honestly in a safe, supportive and confidential environment.

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