Get a Head Start on Your Career Path

career planning for high school students in houston

It’s never too early to start career planning.

Knowing your career goal is an important predictor for success in academic programs. Once you’ve decided on a career path, developing skills and gaining experience can propel you to landing a rewarding job at graduation. You might also choose to pursue professional school or graduate training and need help with the admissions process. The more prepared you are, the greater your chances for success in finding and beginning your first career.

Eddins Counseling Group offers career planning services for high school students and college students to select appropriate educational programs, choose a major and career path, and launch their first career. Career planning is also available for identifying skills and experience necessary to compete for jobs, internships, and professional programs, including admission essay review and mock interview practice. Our career counselors have worked both in industry or human resource functions as well as college or university environments and understand what colleges, admissions committees and employers are looking for as well as the pressure and confusion of making your first major career choice.

In-Person & Online/Video Therapy Options Available

Choosing a College Major

Choosing a college major can be an overwhelming decision for many students. Choosing a major can also impact which college you attend as some majors aren’t offered at every university. Career planning can save you a tremendous amount of time and money that can be lost changing majors or even universities. There are more career opportunities available than ever before, which can be exciting, but also overwhelming.

So, how do you choose a college major? The first thing to keep in mind is that you are just choosing an area of study. This does not seal your fate forever in a career you don’t enjoy, though it can impact ycareer planning for high school students our career options.






When it comes to choosing a college major, students often fall in one of two categories: either overwhelmed by the choices and unsure which is the best fit, or unaware of available careers except those he or she is exposed to such as doctor, lawyer, or parent’s careers. It can be challenging, even paralyzing to choose a major without knowing the exact job it will lead to in the future. Your career path is a journey that unfolds as you take each step. You don’t have to know exactly what you’re going to be doing, but rather which direction you want to move towards. As you move forward, you’ll become exposed to new opportunities that you’ve never heard of and gain experience that shifts your direction. So for now, keep the pressure off yourself about deciding the fate of your whole career. You don’t have to choose the exact career, just the field of study.

I was having a hard time finding the right person to lead me in the right direction, until I found Ms. Mullinax. She is a wonderful person and surely does a great job as a career counselor. She has completely changed my life in school. College student, career direction

Choose a College Major that Reflects Who You Are

If you choose something you find interesting, you’re more likely to do well, achieve better grades, participate more in related activities, and talk about your field of study with interest and enthusiasm. These factors can all increase your chances of landing an internship and ultimately, a job. Our philosophy is that you have a much better chance of becoming successful and even talented in something you’re good at that comes naturally to you. This helps to ensure your career success even in times of a down economy, industry fluctuations and other career challenges.

There is a balance between choosing something you can get excited and interested in and choosing something practical. We certainly want you to have opportunities for career success once you graduate. A career counselor can help you weigh these decisions based on the realities of the job market and your particular career interests.

To help expand potential career options while career planning, we often start with career assessments. Career assessment tests can help you identify fields of study and career paths that are likely to be a good fit for you. This information is based on your personality, interests, and strengths as it relates to other people with similar profiles who enjoy their careers. Working with a career counselor can be beneficial as your assessment results are interpreted in a way that is meaningful and unique to you. This career guidance gives you greater clarity in your career decision making process, which you can draw from throughout your career. You’ll have a foundation of knowing “who you are” and why certain choices work for you. Experience will teach you the rest.

The iStartStrong career interests test provides you with an online report you can use to identify occupations based on your interests with links to research those careers. 

Career Planning & Deciding on a Career

Deciding on a career can be difficult when you don’t have much experience to draw from. We recommend that you start by completing career assessments and working with a career counselor to understand “who you are.” Once you have this foundation you can begin to research careers and make some tentative career decisions. Your next step is to gain experience. You might start with extracurricular, volunteer, or internship opportunities. These can be great resume building activities as well as providing you the opportunity to try out your interests. You’ll be exposed to new career possibilities and discover the realities of others (some careers just aren’t what they look like on TV). Gaining this experience as a student will also prepare you for deciding on a career path and landing your first job when you graduate. Our career counselors can help you:

  • Identify career paths to explore
  • Find opportunities to gain experience
  • Prepare for and find your first job through job search strategies, resume building, and interview practice

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that my son had his appointment yesterday with Becky, and it was great! I would highly recommend your organization to anyone seeking guidance about where to go in a career. Thank you very much. He walked away feeling happy and relaxed and excited. (Not always like him — he would tell me if he thought it was a waste of time!!) Also, when I read details about his MBTI type, I honestly got tears in my eyes, because it perfectly describes him! ?

When my other sons get old enough to graduate high school & look for a career, we will use your services again. I think this is excellent feedback for anyone to have.

Thank you, Jennifer O.

Pursuing Graduate or Professional School

career planning for students in houston

Set yourself up for acceptance to graduate and professional school.

Gaining admission can be very competitive for both graduate school and professional programs such as pharmacy, law, optometry or medical school. Our career counselors have worked with and participated on admissions committees (attended professional school ourselves), and helped numerous students navigate the admissions process. If you are on this path, you will definitely want to be clear as to why this is the best path for you. Admissions committees are looking for specifics and not general answers to this question. They want to know that you are passionate about this work, will be successful in the program, and reflect well on the university after you graduate. These are students are who committed and dedicated to their chosen field of study and set themselves apart from other students. Clarifying your career path with a career counselor can make it easy for you to articulate these reasons both verbally in an interview and through your written essay.

We can help you:

  • Clarify why you are uniquely suited to this career path
  • Write a well-written personal statement
  • Develop a resume or curriculum vitae
  • Prepare for your interview through mock interview practice

The advice that my counselor provided on how to reduce interview anxiety was incredibly valuable. Student, interviewing skills

Your candid assessment of my interview as well as your guidance on what to improve helped tremendously! I have been accepted into the college of pharmacy! N M L – student

Are You Writing Personal Statements for College or Graduate School?

Need to submit a personal statement as part of your application but aren’t sure what to write? We can help! A career counselor can help you identify possible topics for your essay and help you highlight characteristics about yourself that admissions committees value. Casey Radle is our expert in personal statements for college and graduate admissions. She has a proven track record of excellent writing and proofreading skills and would love to assist in:

  • Coming up with attention grabbing introductions
  • Identifying relevant, meaningful themes
  • Structuring and organizing your essay so that it flows nicely
  • Proofreading and editing

Your personal statement for college or graduate admission essay is one of the most important aspects of your application, spend the time it takes to show the reader what makes you unique. You want to show what commits you to the field you are applying for as well as how you will enhance the diversity of the student population. Address what aspects of the program appeal to you above other programs. Be concise and specific. Think about how your background, skills, abilities and goals match the school’s program and philosophy.

I really appreciate your help! I had a couple of physicians look at my statement but they didn’t help anywhere near as much as you have. – Medical School Applicant

If you have any questions about our college and career planning for high school students and choosing your first major or career, call 832-559-2622, or schedule an appointment online to work with one of our career counselors in Houston, Tx.