Depression During the Holidays

depression during the holidaysCoping with Depression During the Holidays

The holiday season tends to affect people on multiple fronts. The images of loving family and good cheer can contrast starkly to our own experiences. In addition, people may be affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (seasonal depression) caused by the short days and the early darkness.

Tips on dealing with depression during the holidays:

• Exercise! This can have as much of an impact on mood as taking antidepressants.

• Get outdoors during the daylight, put full-spectrum bulbs in your light fixtures or get a light therapy box (Happy Lite , e.g.).

• Plan activities with people you enjoy.

• Keep your self-talk positive. What we say to ourselves “programs” our brains and colors how we see the world. If you’re looking at the world through mud-colored glasses, the world looks like a mud hole.

• Practice gratitude – this can shift your focus from what’s wrong to what’s right. Both exist, but depressed people tend to focus on the negatives.

• See a doctor (preferably a psychiatrist) if antidepressants are warranted.

• See a therapist to process the feelings and develop coping strategies.

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Referral to Other Health Professionals

• When it is in the best interest of the client, we collaborate with and refer to other health professionals, such as physicians or psychiatrists. Unlike therapists, physicians and psychiatrists can prescribe medication if appropriate.

Find Out More:

To learn more about professional counseling, you can visit the American Counseling Association’s website, www.counseling.org.

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Joan E. Mullinax, M.Ed., LPC
Joan E. Mullinax has a lifetime of experience supporting people in building lives they love and in overcoming life’s challenges. She relishes working with clients who are committed to the quality of their own lives both as a career counselor and therapist. She has a unique ability to see people’s strengths, even when they cannot. She is patient and encouraging with clients who are seeking to move beyond their current circumstances or limitations, and is able to gently point to possible opportunities for growth.

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