Are Negative Thoughts and Feelings Weighing You Down?

emdr therapy for depression in houston

EMDR therapy can be an effective treatment for depression.

Depression can occur after experiencing traumatic stress or a prolonged period of stress. Examples might include:

  • Loss of a loved one, particularly in a difficult or traumatic way
  • Job loss and unemployment
  • Relationship problems
  • Long-term illness such as cancer; injuries or developmental delays
  • Living with someone with mental illness such as depression or alcoholism
  • Experiencing a traumatic event
  • Experiencing emotional, verbal, physical, or sexual abuse
  • Bullying or teasing
  • Negative childhood experiences
  • Accidents or injuries
  • Experiences of being shamed
  • Living in poverty

After experiencing one of these situations, negative thoughts and beliefs about the self can dominate. Generally, these are the feelings of not being good enough, not being safe, or not being in control. These beliefs of inadequacy, helplessness, or powerless can contribute to patterns of depression and impact most areas of your life.

Negative feelings can also become stuck leading you to experience the negative feelings in the present even though they’re connected to the past.  These feelings can impact your view of current situations, which may feel “true”. Negative sensations associated with those feelings also surface and you may try to “avoid” experiencing them. Over time, these experiences can build up and lead to depression. EMDR therapy for depression helps you to heal traumatic experiences from the past and change the beliefs you have about yourself.

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How Does EMDR for Depression Work?

EMDR therapy for depression is most effective for people who have experienced some form of trauma or prolonged stress. Ultimately, depression is a symptom of the stress or trauma experienced. Thus, through EMDR, you are treating the root cause of the depression. Read more about how EMDR works.

EMDR therapy for depression is one tool to help you overcome symptoms of depression. Depression is complicated so you may also benefit from traditional talk therapy for depression such as cognitive behavioral therapy as well as medication for depression depending on the severity of your symptoms.

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