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Genuine & Effective

My therapist has been helpful on multiple levels including relationships and career, and a big life change. I feel like he has the same mentality when it comes to interfacing with the world and I think he is genuine, which makes the therapy extremely effective.

Breath of Fresh Air

Becky was an absolutely delight, a breath of fresh air because you can tell she truly cares. She’s a great listener and was very helpful. I would without a doubt recommend her.

Great Conversation Starter

Sessions are going very well with my therapist. I like her ability to create a comfortable and open environment. She is a great conversation starter, and it’s easy to express ourselves about anything. She is very welcoming and a great listener.

Eating Disordered Recovered Client

Thank you for walking with me through some of the most challenging and sometimes dark days of my life. In the beginning, our sessions felt like a life line, a safe harbor, a place to be myself. Soon, I began to feel like a kid on a training bike, and now I feel like I’m riding on my own. It’s really scary sometimes, but its okay. and somedays I feel the sense of freedom I’ve been longing for – right where I am. Thank you for your listening and your patience. Thank you for your questions and your guidance. I’m truly grateful.

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