Body Appreciation Test

body appreciation online test

Positive body image is associated with greater overall well-being, self-compassion, optimism, and intuitive eating. Take this body appreciation quiz and find out where you stand.

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What Drives Your Overeating

why do i overeat quiz image with chips

Are you wondering, “why do I overeat?” Would you like to learn how to stop emotional eating? Our quiz can help you identify what drives your overeating so you can change.

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Social Anxiety Test

social anxiety disorder test woman with fear of public places

Do you fear or avoid social or performance situations and get anxious just thinking about them? Take our social anxiety test and find out if it social anxiety is limiting your potential.

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Self Compassion Quiz

self compassion test online

For most of us, finding compassion for others is easy. Finding that same compassion for ourselves, however, doesn’t always come naturally. Take our quiz to find out accepting of yourself you actually are.

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Postpartum Depression Quiz

postpartum depression test online

Take this postpartum depression quiz if you’re having symptoms of sadness, sleep difficulties, anxiety, anger, excessive fears, frightening thoughts, compulsiveness, or feeling detached from your baby.

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Relationship Attachment Style Quiz

relationship attachment test

Your attachment style influences which partner you select, how you react to your needs and how your relationship progresses. This attachment style quiz will help you understand your attachment pattern in relationships.

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