10 Fun Little Things You Can Do for Your Partner Each Day “Just Because”


10 Fun Little Things You Can Do for Your Partner Each Day “Just Because”

Life can get busy

It’s easy to fail

To show your mate love every day

It doesn’t cost much, though

A deed – “just because”

It’s worth it to go out of your way

It’s easy to let the grind of everyday life get to you and allow you to be drawn into silly arguments with your partner and trivial squabbles about unimportant things. It seems so much harder to put forth the effort to make them feel loved.

The irony is that even the smallest token of love can make your partner feel great all day. Even more, making a habit of showing appreciation for them can continuously help strengthen your relationship. It’s like a daily dose of relationship therapy.

So, why not look for opportunities to thank your partner for who they are and for being with you? Don’t they deserve it?

Here are some fun little things you can do for your partner – just because.

10 Things You Can Do for Your Partner Every Day

1. Say “I love you”

Do it in word and deed. Tell your partner that they’re beautiful and why you love them. Flirt with each other. Leave loving notes for them to discover in surprising places, write them a love letter, or perhaps a poem.

2. Devote attention

Put technology to the side for a while – turn off the phone, the TV, and the computer. Ask your partner about their day and really listen to all the details. Read a book together or read it to them. Something sweet and intimate, like a beautiful novel you love. Learn more about how to improve communication and listening skills here. 

3. Spend time together

Get up when your partner gets up, even if it’s early. Enjoy breakfast together before you start your workday. Sit outside at night and look at the stars together, with your favorite music playing softly in the background. When you watch TV or a movie together, let your partner pick what they want. It may not be something you like but watch it anyway just because you love them.

4. Touch each other

Share a long, warm hug. A passionate kiss. Make time to cuddle, play with their hair and caress their skin. Or simply hold hands in public.

5. Get intimate

Schedule a passionate makeout session. Take a shower or bubble bath together, maybe even with candles and champagne. Or surprise your partner by coming to bed in your birthday suit. For more on how to improve your relationship by building intimacy, click here.

6. Let them relax

Let your partner sleep in on the weekend, just because they usually don’t get to do that. Serve them breakfast in bed. Take care of the children for an hour or so, and just let your mate relax.

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7. Do a personal favor

Draw your partner a hot bath after a long day. Do a chore or task for them without being asked. Give them a back or foot rub, a manicure or pedicure, or paint their toenails.

8. Give a special treat

Let them have the bigger helping of the cake. Bring home flowers or special chocolates (there are several artisan chocolate stores in Houston). Or simply buy your partner their favorite candy bar or something else they love and use a lot from the neighborhood store.

9. Cook for them

Make your partner’s favorite lunch to take to work. Cook a special meal and have a candlelight dinner. You may have to learn to cook if you don’t know how, or you could simply learn how to prepare their morning coffee just the way they like it.

10. Be spontaneous

Dance… anywhere (whether you’re at the Jones Plaza in Downtown Houston, in your own kitchen, or in the rain). Take your partner out for lunch during a workday, or pack a picnic and go to the park. Or get silly and make them laugh by getting into a tickle fight or drawing goofy faces on the eggs in the refrigerator.

Take the time every day to do a little something just because you love to see that special smile on your partner’s face. Whether you choose one of the things on this list or have your own special ways to bring out that smile, keep doing it and watch your relationship blossom!

Your attachment style influences how you react to your needs and how you go about getting them met. It impacts which partner you select and how your relationship progresses.

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Rachel Eddins, M.Ed., LPC-S, CGP
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