Therapy for Women

Struggling…with life transitions, roles, relationships, responsibilities, negative thoughts or negative patterns? You deserve better.

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Therapy for Women
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Do You Find Yourself Struggling and and Need Support From Someone Who Gets It?

As women we often deal with many of the same issues, we just experience them in different ways.

For example, our role as mother can be experienced through infertility, doubts about our abilities as a mother, concern for a child with mental or physical difficulties or guilt and overwhelm from career responsibilities and lack of time.

Sometimes, it can seem like no one else really understands what you’re going through or they might not really get what you’re feeling. Or perhaps you are beginning to feel like a burden to your friends or support system. Even worse, it can seem like everyone else has it all figured out.

Women’s therapy can give you the support and skills you deserve.

Time to get unstuck. You deserve to have an incredible life. 

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Take Back Control of Your Life With
Women's Counseling

Give us a call at 832-559-2622 to find out more about Therapy for Women in Houston. Or click "Get Started Now" to schedule an appointment online with our Women's Counseling counselors today. We have therapists near the Montrose, Heights & Sugar Land neighborhoods and offer online therapy in multiple states.

Counseling for Women’s Issues

As women who highly value compassion and understanding as well as practical solutions, we can help you with your unique situation. We are women first, therapists second. We ourselves have been through many of the same situations you’re struggling with.

Whether infertility, divorce, loss of a spouse, raising children, including children with special needs, menopause, changing bodies, careers, adoption, we’ve been there.

We’ve had relationship struggles and have been in relationships that didn’t support our best self.

As therapists we understand how to work through emotional challenges, build resilience and become our best selves despite the challenges we face.

In therapy, we will help you identify goals and direction, cope with current challenges or life transitions, increase skills and support and be an encouraging advocate by your side.

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Women Are Their Own Worst Critic

Unfortunately, as women we are no strangers to comparison. It’s not uncommon to judge ourselves and our lives by what we THINK we know of other women.

We compare ourselves and decide that we’re falling short, not good enough, and not doing enough.

Behind closed doors, other women may also be struggling with some of the same issues we are or their own unique situations. Or, if they aren’t struggling now, they have in the past or will at some point in the future.

We all struggle, we all experience pain.

You are not alone. No one can know exactly how you feel, but we’d like to try. We want to hear your unique story, to understand and to help you cope, heal, and transform the way you relate to yourself and others.

We understand the unique challenges women face with our bodies, fertility, our life and gender roles, our careers, our family, our relationships and aging. And, we can help you work through these common women’s issues and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

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Counseling for Women – Common Women’s Issues

Motherhood: You never knew you could love this much. Then worry sets in. Worry about everything. All the “what ifs”. It doesn’t matter if you are a new mother, the mother of a grown child, or somewhere in between, worry, self-doubt, balancing and stress can be overwhelming.

  • Join our Motherhood Support Group for support in the transition to motherhood, a larger family, or changes in your role as a mother.

Infertility: You’re ready to start a family or add to the one you have. You try and try and nothing. You feel angry, scared, inadequate, alone, anxious. Will you ever be able to have the family you long for? We can help you sort through the options with both practical knowledge and emotional support.

Postpartum Depression or Anxiety: Your baby is a true miracle and joy in your life. Then you feel guilty, you can’t get motivated, you feel worried or resentful, and you find yourself crying frequently. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it’s important to talk with a therapist right away.

Women’s Health: Women’s health issues can contribute to emotional and mental distress. PCOS, menopause, fibromyalgia, chronic illness, immune disease, breast cancer, hormone and endocrine issues, back pain or chronic pain for example can all lead to mental health symptoms. Therapy can help you cope.

Aging: Body image, hormonal and physical changes, negative societal stereotypes, invisibility and ageism can create stress for women. Therapy can equip you with skills for adaptive aging.

Career Management: Women have unique career and work life issues such as returning to the work force after years raising children or a divorce; feeling like an imposter; feeling challenged by the “good ol’ boy” culture at the office; or wanting greater flexibility for family life.

Relationships: Are you struggling in your romantic, friend, or employment relationships to feel connected, respected or valued? You’ve heard that relationships take work, but sometimes it means finding the right “tribe”, finding your voice, or discovering your own worth.

Divorce Transition: Have you and your partner decided to divorce? This can be one of life’s most stressful times. We can support you in navigating the transition and coping with the new changes in your life.

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Women's Counseling FAQ's

Women's issues therapy focuses on the impact of life transitions, roles and responsibilities, career and work challenges, physical health, hormones, and changing bodies on women's mental health. 

Women's issues therapy is integrative and includes collaboration with other health and wellness professionals to help women balance physical and emotional health. 

Due to a combination of factors such as environment, societal and cultural expectations, genetics and biology women face unique mental health needs.

Common reasons women seek therapy are: 

  • Cope with anxiety and depression resulting from physical and hormonal changes 
  • Motherhood and parenting concerns 
  • Eating disorders and body image dissatisfaction 
  • Aging, ageism 
  • Career concerns 
  • Postpartum depression, anxiety & OCD 
  • Infertility and adoption 
  • Friendship & relationship concerns 

Often women are juggling multiple roles, responsibilities and demands in their life. Add to that symptoms of depression, anxiety or an eating disorder and it can feel overwhelming to think about adding one more thing. 

However, therapy is an investment in yourself. It's about prioritizing your needs and an act of self love. 

Making time now to receive support and improve your life can help you have increased resilience and coping skills when you face challenges in the future. 

To make therapy accessible and convenient, you can choose online therapy. We also offer scheduling multiple days and times through the week. 

Move Forward & Support Your Mental Health

Women have a greater risk for mental health issues such as anxiety, depression or eating disorders and are more likely to experience sexual violence. 

If you find yourself feeling stuck and unsupported, please don’t go through what you’re feeling alone.

We’d love to partner with you to help you heal, offer support and guidance and provide a space for you to let go of your struggle.

Together we can work on prioritizing self-care, establishing boundaries, improving self-esteem, processing traumatic experiences and managing mental health symptoms.

Online women’s therapy services from the comfort of your home or office are also available.

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