July 9, 2020

Webinar: Establishing Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

Written by Rachel Eddins

healthy boundaries

With healthy boundaries, you can begin to understand that you have rights and that you can set limits in your relationships.

  • Do you find that people tend to run over you?
  • Do they insist on doing things their way, leaving you with the feeling that you have no choice but to go along?
  • Or do they intrude into your life in ways that are uncomfortable for you?

Learn what healthy boundaries are and how to build them.

Learn how to gently, but firmly let people know that they are “stepping on your toes” and that you want them to stop.

Building healthy boundaries takes practice, but it is worth the effort as you begin to ask for what you need and to have those needs respected.

Facilitated by Joan Mullinax.

Watch a replay of the presentation here.

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