December 28, 2016

7 Signs Your Child’s Behavior Problems Are More than You Can Handle Alone

Written by Rachel Eddins

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Teenager acting out, having behavior problem

Children don’t come with an instruction manual. Every parent has had at least one occasion when they’ve felt overwhelmed and confused. We don’t always know how to handle every situation. We can often ask a wise friend or trusted elder for advice. But there are circumstances that require more than just advice or deciding how to act based on “gut instinct.” Here are some of the signs that your child’s behavior problems are more than you can handle alone.

1. You thought behavior problems were just a phase, but they’re still happening.

Tantrums and defiant behavior can be normal stages of development and can be frustrating. But most children eventually outgrow them. If your child is well into school age and still having meltdowns all over Houston, child therapy can help.

2. You have to rearrange your schedule because it’s too hard to take your child out in public.

It’s not normal to constantly change plans in advance because you know your child’s behavior problems will be too unmanageable. You want to be able to have a normal life again. Child therapy can help you find this balance.

3. Your child’s behavior problems are affecting your other children.

When one child has behavior problems that fall outside the range of normal, it has a negative impact on the rest of the family. If you have other kids, they deserve your attention, too. If your attention is completely consumed with dealing with one child’s behavior, it means that your other children’s needs are likely placed on the back burner.

4. Your child seems unable to manage his or her daily life.

Going to school, participating in sports, and spending time with family and friends are normal parts of life for most kids. But your child’s behavior problems can make it difficult, even overwhelming, to manage these relationships and responsibilities. Some kids need therapy to learn how to manage their emotional and mental reactions. It’s important to know that not all behavioral problems are due to parenting. Many children have undiagnosed issues that can contribute to behavioral challenges, such as learning disabilities, depression, or health issues. Accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment can solve many problems—but first, you must seek professional help.

5. You don’t remember the last time you saw your child laugh and have fun.

Your child’s outward behavior may look chaotic to observers, but it feels worse on the inside for your child. A child’s behavior problems impact him or her in many ways: at school, at home, and among friends. No child likes feeling upset or making others unhappy. But sometimes the problems come from deeply rooted motivations that even the child himself may not understand, let alone know how to handle.

6. You and your spouse have serious disagreements about your child.

As parents, you need to be on the same team. But having a child with behavior problems often puts a strain on relationships. You’re likely to disagree on how to handle the behavior which puts you at odds with each other. A specialist in child therapy is a neutral third party who is likely to have more impartial answers. Then you and your significant other can get back on the same side. For more information on relationship counseling, click here. 

7. You don’t remember the last time you enjoyed yourself.

Parenting is occasionally challenging, but you’re not supposed to feel miserable all the time. You deserve to have a life of your own, too. Even if your child’s behavior is completely normal, it’s a problem if you don’t know how to constructively deal with it. Parent training can help you learn better ways to handle your child’s behavior in a more positive manner.

If your child’s out of control behavior is disrupting not only his or her life but the whole family’s as well, a child therapist in Houston can help get to the root of the problem, whether it’s a physical or a mental health issue. In time, your child will thrive and life will go back to normal. Read more about Child Counseling or Family Counseling and how Eddins Counseling Group can help.

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