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Are You Struggling to Connect With Those Around You?

  • Do you feel as though you and your partner frequently bicker and argue? Our marriage counseling and couples therapy services might be right for you.
  • Recently engaged? Our premarital counseling services might be right for you.
  • Are you having a hard time fitting in with your coworkers or speaking up for yourself in work meetings?
  • Are you single and trying to date, but feel anxious and unsure of how to meet the right person?
  • Have you felt underappreciated or ignored by your family?
  • Do you often feel like an outsider in social situations?
  • Do you wish you could communicate effectively and establish meaningful connections with your friends, family members, coworkers, and loved ones?

In-Person & Online/Video Therapy Options Available

If you are having difficulty with one or more of the relationships in your life, you might feel lonely, frustrated, and stuck. Perhaps you are struggling with low self-esteem and aren’t sure how to develop the confidence and self-worth needed to assert yourself. Maybe you feel disrespected by those around you, especially when others seem to ignore your needs. You might be unsure of how to set and maintain appropriate boundaries with different people in your life.

You also may feel as though you don’t belong, even when you try to fit in. Maybe you struggle with social anxiety, and your efforts to go out and meet people have left you feeling increasingly nervous and disappointed. You may try to talk to people, but just don’t seem to be heard. Maybe you worry that there is something wrong with the way you interact in the world.


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Navigating Relationships Can Be Difficult

Most people have multiple relationships in their lives, from family and romantic partners to coworkers, teammates, and friends. Although it can sometimes seem like everyone else has it all figured out, many people struggle with one or more of their relationships. The savvy office woman might feel as though she can’t be herself on dates. The happily married man might feel as though he can’t assert himself in front of his parents. Or, the social butterfly at parties might struggle to communicate her needs to her spouse, her boss, and her children. If you are struggling to feel connected to the people in your life, you are not alone.

Often, people struggle to understand their deeply held needs and communicate them effectively. You might try to express yourself and feel frustrated when those around you don’t understand you or react with anger or derision. Perspectives can greatly influence our connections. In these situations, it’s common to adopt the painful belief that you don’t matter, don’t fit in or aren’t important. However, with relationship counseling, you can investigate damaging beliefs and develop a clearer view of your world and the people in it.

“Therapist is a caring listener who helped me to believe in myself.”

The most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself, including an awareness of your needs and your emotions. The relationship you have with yourself is the core from which all other relationships develop, and it needs to be strong in order to nurture friendships, romances, or successful collaborations. With the help of a qualified therapist, you can develop the self-love, self-confidence, and emotional communication skills that can help you make or strengthen connections with those around you.


Communicate Effectively in Relationships

Learn to Communicate Effectively

At Eddins Counseling Group in Houston, Texas, our trained therapists understand the difficulties and pains you may be going through. No one wants to feel isolated or unloved. We offer a variety of services to help you develop the tools of communication and connection.

“My therapy experience was incredible. From the moment I started working with Joan, I was impressed with her skills in pointing out behavior patterns and gently suggesting alternate forms of communication. My relationship is now out of the ICU and is now “stable,” and I am much less anxious and depressed.”

In sessions, your therapist can help you explore your personality, your emotions and needs, and your common relationship dynamics. You may uncover a learned habit or harmful pattern that negatively affects your current or potential relationships. Then, your therapist can empower you to replace those habits with positive social skills. You can begin to identify what triggers anxiety, annoyance, or anger in an interaction and learn to navigate emotional reactions. You can’t change the people around you, but you can make healthy changes in yourself that can reduce conflict and increase connection.

relationship counseling

Learn skills to nurture your relationships.

Relationship counseling can also help you better understand your attachment styles and your ability to set healthy boundaries with your family, friends, coworkers, and partner. Some people feel very safe in some situations and very threatened in others. When you feel threatened or insecure, it can be difficult to put yourself out there. But, you can develop skills that can help boost your sense of security and self-confidence, as well as your ability to adapt your methods of communication to different situations.

Everyone struggles with relationship issues at some point. No one communicate perfectly all the time, but we can help you develop ways to actively listen to others and express your needs so that they are heard. With self-acceptance and compassion, you can begin to deepen every relationship in your life.

I’m Not Sure if Relationship Counseling Will Be Worth My While

Many people wonder if therapy can really make a difference in their relationships. We believe it absolutely can! People that seek relationship counseling benefit in numerous ways. The human desire for connection is one of our most basic and primal needs, which makes it essential for mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Happy and healthy relationships can reduce anxiety and depression. When you feel like you are being heard, valued, and respected in a romantic relationship, family or friend relationship, or work relationship, you can feel better in other parts of your life.

It’s Not Me That’s the Problem, It’s Everyone Else

Sometimes it can feel like you are doing all you can to make a connection, but your coworkers, family members, partner, friends, or date simply won’t put in the effort. However, you can’t change other people. You only have power over yourself. Relationship counseling can help you identify ways to alter how you interact with other people so that it’s more likely that your needs will be heard and met. Even if you come to therapy by yourself, you can make positive changes that can alter the dynamic of a dysfunctional relationship.

I Don’t Want to Focus on the Negatives in My Relationship

You may worry that your therapist will guide you to take a negative view of your relationship with a loved one. That is not the case. Instead, your therapist will help you look at your relationships in a balanced way. We focus on strengths and effective ways to build them. We’ll also look at things that aren’t working for you or your partner and identify strategies to grow.

In individual and couple sessions, you will have the opportunity to honestly work through the issues that are troubling you in a safe space. Therapy can also provide you with an important sense of validation, which can provide immense relief.

You Can Feel Connected, Respected, and Loved

If you have spent too long feeling isolated and stuck, the relationship therapists at Eddins Counseling Group can help mend and deepen your connection with yourself and others. We can help you discover new ways to communicate your needs and make connections. Relationship therapy can help you to feel whole and connected again.

We invite you to give us a call at 832-559-2622, schedule an appointment with a relationship counselor, or contact us in Houston for more information about our practice.

Dating Coaching

Dating Coaching

Sometimes things seem to be going well …. until you start dating. Dating can be exciting, frustrating, disappointing, fun, anxiety producing and so on. It’s a roller coaster! Whether you are just getting started with dating or in a relationship, you may have some questions or concerns. Dating coaching can be a great way to address those feelings and concerns before they become overwhelming.

Wondering how to handle unique situations such as interracial dating, dating when you’re older, or dating when you have kids? Our experienced therapists and coaches can help you navigate these concerns and more.


Couples and Relationship Workshop

Couples & Relationship Workshop

Ready to learn new skills for your relationship? Whether you are getting married or just want to focus on learning new skills to have a successful relationship, a couples weekend workshop might be right for you. The couples workshop is two weekend days focused on learning skills to address each of the major aspects of your relationship. Read more about the workshop here.


Personality Assessment

Personality Assessment Test for Enhanced Communication

You communicate with others every day on many levels. You may not always take time to analyze how your natural communication style affects others, however. Learning about personality type preferences can help you understand some important differences in communication styles and help you communicate more effectively and build more meaningful relationships. This can be useful in all types of relationship counseling, including couples and premarital counseling, work relationships, and other interpersonal relationships.

Myers Briggs Type IndicatorThe Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a well-known personality assessment that can help you better understand yourself and how you interact with others. The in-depth, enhanced MBTI personality profile includes detail on communication style. This is the most in-depth profile available. The report cost includes a 45-minute counseling and interpretation session to understand your results and how to integrate them into your personal and professional life. Talk to your counselor about whether a personality assessment would be beneficial for you or you and your partner together. You can learn a lot about how you communicate with others and how you prefer others to communicate with you along with strategies for emotional expression. You can also learn effective conflict management strategies for your personality type.

Online Relationship Counseling

Online Counseling

Relationship counseling and coaching services are also available through online therapy in Texas with our licensed counselors. Learn more about how online counseling services work here. Online therapy is just as effective as talk therapy in person. If transportation, distance, or drive time is a concern for you, online therapy might be the right fit for you.

Our online option is not a good choice for everyone, give us a call to find out if this is the right fit for you.

Taking the First Step

Contact us in Houston to take the first step in improving your relationships. Even if you aren’t sure exactly what you need, but know that you need additional support, we can help. Improving your relationship with yourself and others can make a big difference in your overall happiness. Give us a call at 832-559-2622 to get started today. We will find out more about your needs and match you with a therapist best suited to your needs.