April 30, 2018

After Binge Eating: Empowering Steps to Take After It Happens Again

Written by Rachel Eddins

woman receiving binge eating disorder treatment in houston texas

Bouncing back after binge eating begins with an acceptance of our imperfection. It also requires a belief in our ability to recover. Living fully, striving for improvement, means we must risk imperfection. So, for example, one of your goals might involve recovering from an emotional condition or self-harming pattern. A self-loving perspective allows for the inevitable obstacles and plateaus. Recovery is a process. Like all processes, you will experience setbacks.

After Binge EatingWhat is Binge Eating and What Causes It?

Binge eating disorder (BED) is a form of disordered eating. Binge eating may also be a symptom of other eating disorders. Either way, a binge involves us eating even when we already feel uncomfortably full. Some common characteristics include:

  • Feeling out of control
  • Eating very rapidly
  • Eating when not hungry
  • Choosing to eat alone so the binging is not witnessed
  • Feeling of guilt, shame, and disgust after a binge

Identifying causes of any eating disorder is tricky. Most commonly, they are associated with feelings of low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and unhappiness. Other factors involve societal pressure and a pattern of extreme dieting. Women are more likely to engage in binge eating than men.

BED is not easily recognized. If a person is large, it does not mean they binge eat. A thin person is not automatically a non-binger. Either way, BED is not about laziness or ignorance. It is a diagnosable disorder that requires professional help combined with some powerful personal steps.

5 Empowering Steps to Take After Binge Eating

1. Talk back to that inner voice

There will inevitably be a lot of self-blame going on. So, let’s first recognize that BED impacts at least 9 million American adults and is not unique to you. After binge eating, the time is ideal for self-love and an abundance of patience. Kindly explain to your inner voice that you beg to differ.

2. Don’t discount the importance of nutrition

The temptation—and it has a scary logic to it—is to drastically reduce intake after binge eating. There are many problems with this “solution” and one of them is nutrition. Our bodies need a healthy balance of nutrients every single day. It might help to frequent Houston markets that encourage such eating choices, like Nature’s Market, Betsy’s, and Sprouts Farmers Market.

3. Hydrate

As you take steps to make the healthiest possible post-binge eating choices, remember to drink water. Drink lots of water. Benefits include:

  • Reduced gas-induced bloat
  • Healthy metabolism
  • Flush out salt excess
  • Assist post-binge recovery

4. Practice other forms of self-care

We’ve discussed nutrition and hydration. Let’s go all the way and focus on the general concept of self-care. Other basics include regular sleep patterns, daily exercise and activity, and some kind of stress management. Self-care helps you enable a better version of you. A better version of you knows what to do after binge eating.

5. Avoid the scale

Step away from the scale. You know the math. Eating more than usual can result in a higher number on that scale. That higher number will not be a surprise but it may be a trigger. Put the scale away for a while and focus on these recovery steps instead.

You Do Not Have to Walk Alone

As mentioned above, BED requires professional help. The steps above are super important but you’ll also need someone taking steps beside you. Working with a skilled and experienced therapist is a compassionate and self-loving choice. It’s also a proven path to recovery after binge eating. Again, it’s not about perfection. So it helps to have someone to guide and remind us of the value of the process.

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