June 8, 2020

Webinar: Coping With Grief During a Pandemic

Written by Rachel Eddins

The world we’ve known has changed. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to our daily life and that can come with many types of loss. Whether these losses include the missing out on many traditions, such as graduations or weddings, or losses of closeness in relationships, or the very real threat of losing a family and friends, this pandemic can cause grief in many forms.

Join me as I speak with trauma and grief specialist, Becky Reiter, on how to cope with grief and loss in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch the interview and read a summary of the interview below.

Are we All Grieving in Some Form?

  • Yes, we are all experiencing collective loss. There are so many ways of grieving right now. There are fears for the future and fears for loved ones. Are they going to get the virus? What’s going to happen? What are our lives going to look like?
  • We are also experiencing anticipatory grief, fearing the loss of older loved ones, or people that already have an illness and are vulnerable to the virus.
  • There is a loss of social connection. You’re not getting hugs from loved ones. You’re not able to be close to them and see that they’re okay.
  • Some people are experiencing a loss of long-held traditions, such as graduations or weddings.

What Are Some of the Symptoms we May be Feeling?

  • You may experience some physical symptoms such as fatigue, low energy, headaches, upset stomach.  Many people will have trouble sleeping or sleeping more.
  • Unhealthy coping skills such as emotional eating, substance abuse or excessive shopping

Do You Have Suggestions for Coping?

  • Reach out to family and friends. You are not a burden and they can’t know you are struggling unless you reach out. They want to support you during this time.
  • It’s important to be vulnerable during this time. All of your feelings are valid. However, these feelings won’t last forever. Don’t shame yourself for what you experiencing or how you should be handling your emotions.
  • Practice self-care: This looks different for everybody. Some might practice mindfulness or exercise such as yoga.
  • Grounding techniques can be very helpful to manage your grief.

Find Support With Help From a Therapist

Reaching out for support during these stressful times can provide you with ways to cope with anxiety, depression, and grief. We offer online therapy for flexibility and convenience. We are also facilitating a weekly Coping During a Pandemic support group, learn more, and submit an interest form here.

Give us a call today at 832-559-2622 for more information on our services or book an appointment online.

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