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“I should be further along in my career.” most of the clients arrive in my Houston office saying that. Sometimes, clients postponed seeing a career counselor because of the embarrassment from their situation as a result. They keep imagining that they are alone in feeling out of place, while their co-workers and friends are contentedly established.

In reality, many people feel as if their career is not working out as they  hope for. Perhaps, they found that they don’t enjoy the work as much as they hope for.  Maybe the day-to-day reality of their work is not what they expected. Possibly they’ve found that their abilities aren’t a good match for their current career.


For all of these clients, working with them to dispel the sense of isolation as a first step. For most people, it is eye-opening to find out that career development is not a linear process, where all movement is forward or, upward. Instead, it is a cyclical process, where the steps are often repeated more than once.


In addition, career change has become an essential strategy for adapting to a rapidly changing world.  Previous generations may have started and ended their careers in the same profession, while younger generations are predicted to have a dozen different careers.

Ready to make a change in your career? This report will guide you through 7 steps to making a career change. Includes self assessment questions. 

In the career environment of the 21st century, it is essential for people to develop the strengths and resources dealing with change. Strengths including as follows;

  • Ability to recognize the need for a change.
  • Willingness to take on the sometimes disruptive process of making a change.
  • Ability to gain the knowledge needed for a new career.
  • Ability to adapt existing skills to new environments.

Essential resources include the wealth of career-related information available on the Internet, a network of professional contacts who can provide essential information and connections to support the change process, and, for many, the services of a capable career counselor who can inform and support the change process.

A career counselor can support you in your ongoing career development process, whether you are changing careers, pursuing an education or, searching for a job.  You don’t have to do it alone. Click here to learn more about how to pass on a job interview.

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