Marriage Tips for Couples Who Want to Add a Little Relationship Spice!

marriage tips for couples houstonWhen you’re dating, it can be easy to make a new relationship the main focus in your life. Many of us know firsthand that in marriage you have to juggle a lot–kids, jobs, chores, finances, and so on. How you and your partner feel about each other can get swept aside as daily life makes demands on your time.


The good news is that staying connected in your marriage can be so much more than another item on your to-do list. In fact, one of the best ways to stay attuned to your spouse is to have fun together. Spicing things up in your marriage doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate; it can be as simple as leaving notes for each other or trying something new in bed.


There are many different ways to add spice to your marriage. Below are a few marriage tips to help get you started.

Marriage Tips for Couples:

Plan a Trip

A big vacation can be an exciting way to spend time with your spouse, but an overnight getaway at a nearby hotel can be just as special. By planning a special trip you can both share, you add excitement and anticipation into your routine.

When you go away together it can be fun to leave your plans open-ended. Rather than trying to pack everything you can into a one or two day trip, savor your time together. When you’re afforded time to relax and act spontaneously, you might just surprise yourselves and each other.

Try New Things

Have fun together by trying something new. Instead of heating up old leftovers, head out for Indian food or sushi. Many couples enjoy taking a cooking or dancing class together. If money is tight, going to a free concert or on a hike can also be a special way to reconnect.

Getting out of the house and exploring life as a couple can help remind you why you make such a great team.

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It might sound too simple, but sitting down and really talking to each other can do wonders for your relationship with your spouse. Share with each other what you like in bed or what you might be interested in trying. Sex is an integral part of intimacy; talking about your sex life shows each other you care how the other is feeling.

Taking time to reflect together on your past and future is another great way to express what you value about your relationship. Marriage is a journey, and remembering what you’ve been through and where you’re headed can be deeply romantic.

Value the Little Moments

Feeling renewed in your relationship with your spouse doesn’t always mean leaving the house for new adventures. Remembering to say “I love you,” for example, goes a long way in clearing the cobwebs that can sometimes accumulate in any long-term relationship.

Flashes of physical affection or a short note left in a coat pocket tell your spouse you’re thinking of him or her amidst the bustle of your day-to-day lives. It’s often in these small moments that we feel most loved and supported.

Take Time for Yourself

For couples who feel bogged down by life’s demands, taking time for yourself to do something you love can help you return to your partner feeling refreshed and ready to give love.

Nurturing your own interests and friendships can increase your happiness and make the time you have with your spouse even more special. You might also find that having new things to talk about and share with each other is an exciting way to fall in love all over again.


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Relationship Resources

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