Elizabeth Lowrey

Elizabeth Lowrey Therapist

Elizabeth’s specialties include problematic alcohol use, addiction difficulties, adjusting to chronic illness, grief, loss, anxiety and depression.

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Kathy Crumpler

kathy crumpler therapist houston

It’s time for you to put yourself first. Kathy specializes in trauma, anxiety, and depression and is here to help individuals and couples.

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Samer Madanat

Therapist Samer Madanat

Samer knows that your healing journey is as individual as you. Change is intimidating, but Samer is here to help you through.

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Shannon Forbes

Therapist Shannon Forbes

Shannon offers affordable counseling for adults & couples. Her specialties include anxiety, career concerns, depression, grief & loss, ocd, trauma and relationship concerns.

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Jessica Ingram

therapist Jessica Ingram

Jessica’s experience includes counseling adults, teens, and children who have experienced trauma in their lives. Jessica is trained in EMDR, and also works with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, and parenting concerns. Jessica has experience working with those who are going through changes in their lives, relationship issues, and learning how to co-parent. Jessica enjoys working with a wide range of clients ages ranging from 9-70 years old. She focuses on where the client is and their individual needs and goal and how counseling can help them reach those goals.

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Joey Harmon

therapist Joey Harmon

I offer therapeutic services for everyone aged 3 and up. My background includes helping a diverse clientele develop greater self-worth and learn what’s most important to them in life. Whatever your experiences have been, I will strive to provide a judgment-free environment for you or your child to learn and grow. [Children 9 and younger must be seen in person].

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Terra Ousley

therapist Terra Ousley offers therapy for black women in houston

Terra works with clients who struggle to find clarity in their careers and those experiencing issues with anxiety, stress, self-esteem, and life transitions. Her counseling approach is person-centered, and her priority is to provide a safe space for clients to focus on healing and finding solutions.

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Tiara Runyon

therapist Tiara Runyon

Tiara offers a collaborative approach, fit to suit your individual needs. Her experience includes working with those facing life transitions and struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma. Tiara offers individual therapy for children, teens, and young adults.

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Mariela Lara

therapist Mariela Lara

Mariela has a great interest in working with young mothers and adults from various backgrounds. Mariela can serve clients from diverse socioeconomic statuses and cultural backgrounds. She has devoted her training to meeting clients where they are.

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Katie Osgood

therapist Katie Osgood

Katie enjoys working with adolescents and adults around a variety of challenges, including anxiety, depression, disordered eating, body-image concerns, and intuitive eating.

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